How to Tell If You Are Really Healthy

It is the goal of every human being to ensure their health. For this purpose, they go to great lengths so that they can have a fitness regimen and a carefully picked diet which can contribute towards longevity and wellness of their overall health. There are many ways to ensure a healthy lifestyle and to prevent a visit to a physician unless something is seriously wrong.

So, in order to do a quick self-assessment and to know where you stand health-wise, following are a few indicators to you how your body is doing:

  • Vital signs and stamina

Stamina level is usually a good indicator of fitness and this does not have to be a competitive level stamina. According to experts a person should be able to exercise for 30 minutes at stretch in order to qualify as fit. Similarly, good vital signs readily let you know regarding the health of your body and whether or not any system is struggling.

  • Appearance of tongue

In ancient Chinese medicine, the tongue is used as an indicator of well-being. It is obviously not to the point as a diagnostic test, but it can tell regarding how well your body took your last meal. A red tip of the tongue means that there is some mental disturbance. If the tongue is covered by thick coating it means that the body has not been able to digest what was eaten as the last meal. So, by taking a good look at your tongue you can assess your health as well.

  • Bowel activity

This has everything to do with your routine bowel movement and to the disappointment of a lot of people it does not include the size, shape, color and texture of the actual poo. By keeping track of your bowel activity, you can notice changes in your routine. And if these changes are frequent and long lasting then this is something to worry about and it is an indication that the body needs to be assessed for un underlying problem

  • Sleeping habits

Sleeping pattern as simple as it sounds has a very crucial role in the maintenance cycle of the body. Various researches have been aimed at understanding the role of sleep in health and wellness of human beings. These experiments have further strengthened the fact that sleep helps in rejuvenating the body after a day’s work and also helps immune system to fight infections. Sleep deprived human beings are unable to do so and have been documented to perish within just a few weeks of losing proper sleep.

  • Waist

Recent studies have shown that BMI is not the benchmark to assess the metabolic health of a person. According to these studies, cardiopulmonary health was weak in many BMI normal people while many high BMI individuals enjoyed a good cardiac health overall. This has lead the scientists to term the accumulation of fat in the abdomen as an indicator of bad cardiac health and therefore the waist is benchmark for cardiac health.

  • Oral health

Oral health tells a lot about a person’s overall health as normal healthy gums indicate a good oral hygiene as well as lack of any infection of the GI track and the working of metabolic functions at optimum level.

  • Hair and Nails outlook

Weak and easy to break hair and weak, discolored and broken nails are the first indictors for some nutritional deficiency. Their outlook is easy to assess and can lead to early detection of an underlying problem such as vitamin deficiency etc.

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