Helping them deal with grief

Just like all the other emotions, grief is also universal. Everyone everywhere feels it in different ways and due to different circumstances. And they also have their ways to cope with it. But one thing is for sure, and it is the fact no matter which part of the world we belong to, or no matter the reasons for us to feeling this way, we all need someone to be there for us when we are in immense pain and grief. Someone we trust, someone who cares about us, and someone who’s going to lend us their shoulder to lean on and cry.

And hence, whenever we see someone close to us going through such days, and we are not sure of how we can help them, or even if we are trying but we do not know whether whatever we are doing is enough or not, and we feel extremely anxious and stressed. Our heart aches with our loved ones. Because if feeling grief is bad enough, then seeing your loved ones go through it and not being able to help them is equally worse. And we do not want you all to go through it. This is why we are here to tell you about the “Grief Recovery Method “.

It is kind of strange, and sad as well, that we do not address emotional pain and injuries the same way we do physical pain and injuries. It has been a long time since science proved that our brain cannot distinguish emotional pain from physical pain. There are no categories of pain in our minds. It’s just pain. So, if, whenever we get an injury or are going through some kind of physical pain, the first thing that we think of, or what people tell us to do, is to get medical help, then why isn’t it the same in case of emotional pain? Part of it is because we associate a certain kind of shame for going to a doctor when it comes to our mental health. Mental illnesses and problems, all around the world are stigmatized, and with the rising mental health patients, we need to change this thinking and attitude.

The “Grief Recovery Method “is designed to help people deal with the grief and pain that comes with loss. This method equips you with all the tools and techniques that you need to get over the pain of loss. Because such kind of grief and pain comes with its emotional baggage. And if not dealt with properly, that baggage would be there to weigh you down for the rest of your life.

With the help of the “Grief Recovery Method “, not only would you be able to deal with the immense pain caused by loss, but with further training, you would also become certified to help other people going through it. So that you never have to go through the ache of not being able to help your loved ones when you feel like they need you the most.

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