Dealing with Pain without Medicine

There are millions of people throughout the world who are suffering from pain. Chronic pain is the pain that lasts for three or more than three months. Patients with chronic pain are often given a range of strong painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines for pain relief. It is even said that painkillers reduce their effectiveness over time and can even become addictive. Furthermore, they have really bad side effects and risks.

Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of techniques and methods to relieve pain without medications. By understanding the science of pain, you come to know what happens in your body when it hurts. By using that knowledge, you can devise various techniques that can help in reducing pain. Now science is also proving that various ancient techniques used to relieve pain are helpful.

Following are some techniques that will help you to relieve pain without using the medicine.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique that is used in relieving pain and is effective in other health treatments as well. This technique includes the insertion of thin, sterile needles at specific points on your body to restore the balance of energy. Studies show that these acupuncture points are connected with six different energy systems believed to flow within your body. When you stimulate these points by inserting thin needles, they impart specific psychological effects in your body.

Tai Chi is a martial art and stretching ancient Chinese techniques. It is kind of a daily meditative exercise that incorporates some breathing into the movements. This technique is effective against pain and it has various other health benefits.

Yoga is another effective ancient method to relieve pain especially back pain. It is also helpful in releasing stress and improve fitness. In yoga, your breath is what connects your mind and body. It is the art of breathing that gives you a sense of relaxation.

Biofeedback is another technique used to relieve pain. It is a technique in which you consciously control some psychophysiological processes in the body. For instance, when the fight and flight mechanism activate in our body our pupils dilate, heart beat elevates, blood pressure rises, digestion slows down all making you ready to experience stress or emergencies. In Biofeedback patients are taught to reverse the condition i.e., slowing down of heart rate, reduction in blood pressure, constriction of pupils, and reactivation the digestion which all gives you a feeling of calmness. In this technique, the person becomes an active participant in controlling his response.

Meditation is also helpful in relieving pain. All types of meditation help relieve pain. Meditation gets the body to be relaxed and rested, so there is no longer the fight or flight response to pain.

Last but not the least, Music therapy is also very helpful in relieving pain. Listening to music that holds meaning for you helps in reducing stress and relieving pain. Studies show that pain patients who were exposed to music had a 70% chance of relieving pain without medicine than unexposed patients.

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