Three of the BEST cities to get into acting

If you want to get into acting and thrive in the field, you need to live in a city that has a thriving film and TV industry. Places that are breathing and bustling with opportunities, and a network for you to get connections and make your way into your career. There are two factors for you to consider when looking for a place to live/work. The factor that comes after the filming industry, you want to find a place where you feel comfortable. A place that, not necessarily feel like home, but is a place where you can be at your best. A place where you can settle in to work, play, and enjoy the weather. Here are some of the best cities to live for actors.


Atlanta has a booming TV and film industry because of their tax incentives that make it an actual affordable place to film. This is actually a location that Marvel and Disney often utilized for production. Actors are able to find a bunch of opportunities because of the incentive filmmakers have to locate their productions here. It is an incredibly affordable place to live, while the city is bustling with a variety of cultural and entertainment options. The possible dealbreaker is the weather. Summers get muggy, and all of the other three seasons come in hard. Winters tend to be mild, fall is nice and cool, and during spring— There is no shortage of flowers blooming.


If you are looking for comedy gigs as an actor, and enjoy performing in comedy clubs, Chicago is not a bad start. Chicago is all about improv and its wide array of famous comedy clubs. When it comes to film and TV, NBC’s presence brings a large community. With all of the clubs and studios, there are a bunch of opportunities to work— especially in theater. DePaul University has a thriving theater department, one of the top 20 theater schools in the country. Chicago is a fun city to live in with a bunch of free events, it isn’t easy to get bored. Winters do get cold, but this is another state where you get to experience all four seasons.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the more well known hub for actors who want to get onto a screen. This is one of the greatest places in the country to get work and a network as an actor, with a huge list of production studios. As an actor, there are boundless opportunities in acting schools, survival jobs, and the demand for actors. This city has a strong improv community, high network potential, and a great amount of photographers and other experts that you can utilize to succeed in your career. It has an active cultural scene and nightlife, and the weather is often sunny and pleasant. However, the cost of living is through the roof. The surrounding areas are a bit more affordable.

These are just a few of the cities that the country holds that are full with opportunities. Find your domain, a place where you feel comfortable, a place where you can build your acting career. Take your pick, and hang on: It’s going to be a wild ride.

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