The TOP 5 BEST Acting Schools in California

California has been shown to have the highest amount of students studying the major of Drama and Theater Arts. There were 2,759 of the 16,329 Drama and Theater Arts diplomas earned last year in California. There are multiple universities that provide actors what they need, giving out bachelor’s in drama and theater arts, and there are multiple factors that go into choosing the best schools in California.

A school that is able to educate you in a particular major should be able to have a significantly evident success rate. Before hearing about how well they will teach you, look at their results. Look at their graduation rates, are they really teaching all of their students well? Or only a small few? Look at graduate earnings to see how exactly the education provided translates into the workplace, and how much money that produces. For example: This list provides multiple schools that have helped students who graduated in 2015-2017 earn $20,529 in 2019. If you find this school recognizable for success, make sure that success pertains to those in the major you want to pursue. Look at how the school focuses on Drama and Theater Arts students compared to other majors. You want to go to a school that focuses on YOUR major, not anyone else’s. Your education is YOUR education, so make sure that your school will be focused on giving you that. Another thing to check is how many other theater arts students choose this school. That will be the factor you check to see how successful it will be for your specific major. Then, going back to checking if the school is successful, verify if the school is regionally accredited and a recognized drama and theater arts related accrediting body.

#1 – California Institute of the Arts

California Institute of the Arts is a small, private not-for-profit school with a median starting salary of $22,300. This is one of the best schools in the entirety of the United States of America for drama and theater arts. They also have an incredibly large population of theater and arts students.

#2 – Loyola Marymount University

Loyola Marymount University is located in LA and is also a private, not-for-profit college with a medium-sized student population. Loyola art majors make more than $5,500 more than the standard theater graduate, totaling at around $26,200.

#3 – University of California – Los Angeles

UCLA is one of the best bets for studying drama and theater arts. Being a public school, their student population is huge. Graduates with your major earn above $2,600 above the average college graduate with the same degree, totaling at around $23,300.

#4 – Chapman University

Chapman is in between the first three in size. It isn’t as small as the other private schools, but definitely not as big as UCLA. Graduates from Chapman have been calculated to earn a median of $19,800 when they first start working.

#5 – California State University – Fullerton

CSUF is another public school in Fullerton. If you can’t quite afford going to UCLA, the cheaper public school is always an option. After graduating, the first 5 years in the workforce has a median of results of $22,400.

All of these schools are absolutely stellar choices if you are interested in getting into acting. Research these schools further, find out which school you would rather go to, which one would do more for your career, and lay out your plan for the future. Put thought into it, but these 5 are definitely at the top in California.

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