Should I Study In Groups?

Many students are unsure about how they proceed with their studies. You can either study in group or self-study as well. Some students prefer control and independence regarding their study schedules and other students need a study group to help motivate them. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. But if you are unsure about whether you should or not join a study group, here are some things that will help you decide:

Pros of group studying:

  1. Clarification Discussions

Every student is different and they respond to same information differently. If you are in same classes every day and have a confusion regarding a specific topic, you can ask a class fellow to clarify that point or piece of information. Studies show that this also reinforces ideas and help repaint information several times; this can make your memory strong.

  • Brainstorming

Group study also allows students to share their own thoughts with each other. This type of exchange of information leads to better learning. The process of coming up with new ideas in a group is known as brainstorming. Brainstorming provides help in generating new ideas and students can learn the same thing but can develop a different perspective. Repeated information can also help gel ideas together.

  • Motivation Booster

Many people have a habit of procrastination. A great solution is to study in a group as it breaks monotonous learning and makes you attentive toward others. Trial quiz and mock tests in a group, assists those struggling with their given courses.

Cons of group studying:

  1. Lack of Efficiency

As group studies boost efficiency and creativity, it can also have some drawbacks. When exams are around the corner efficiency should be the priority. Studying alone gives you space to personalize your study and when you are alone you can focus more on certain parts. It can also help you manage your time priorities and tasks.

  • Distraction         

Sometime it becomes difficult to stay focused in presence of other people. People often start meaningless conversation which can divert your attention. Studying alone might be helpful if you want undivided attention for your study.

  • Impersonalized Learning

Every person has different level of understanding and also our brains receive and process information differently. When people study in groups they have different pace of learning some are too slow or fast and not all can learn the same topic at same time. Also some of us can lose track of our own questions and might face difficulties on specific subjects. In such scenarios creating personalized study plans for references will also save much time.

Which Is More Effective?

After looking into pros and cons of group studying it’s very difficult to tell which one is more effective. We cannot recommend one way over other as we know people are different from each other. Some people are better at group study while others are not much social and prefer to study alone. It totally depends on some one’s perspective, whether they prefer to study in group or alone.

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