Should I Join A School Club?

Clubs and organizations help develop your character and skills, which will benefit you in your career and in life. Being a part of club makes your communication more effective and develops leadership qualities in you. If you are thinking to get admission in college, then as a starter you probably are focusing more on completing your course work and test preparations. But you feel like that something is missing. It’s very important to de-stress yourself beside academics. That’s why joining high school clubs or college clubs can have immense benefits.

Are you asking yourself that should you join a school club or not? Here are some of the things to consider.

Friends in the making

Fitting into a new high school or college is not so easy, especially if you are not familiar with the class. Many people socialize differently. But at high school when you join any organization or club you can easily meet people of same interests. You will make friendships here that will last a life time, because you have common interests with your friends. This will also allow you to feel comfortable around each other.

Getting into college

During college admissions, selection boards like to see student’s applications that are diverse in their interests, both inside and outside the classroom. Any club would look good on a college application as it shows what truly ignites your passion. People in college admission committees like to look at that passion rather than the subject matter. It shows that you are social and have interests outside of classrooms as well. No college wants a bookworm.

Skill development

These types of organizations and clubs help you develop your character and polish you skills for your careers. Skills like leadership, commitment, effective communication and being able to participate and work successfully in club or organization set you apart from other people.


Many of high school students are not familiar with this kind of word. But it’s very important for people to build a network, which connects you to others and helps you build personal, academic or professional connections. When you form lifelong personal and professional relationships, it is called networking.

This type of networking might help you get a job recommendation or a favor from your fellow and friends. It helps you to build friendships not just for today, but also for tomorrow. It can also give you access to new organizations and lead you to better opportunities.

Build your resume

Resume building is important and will help you land a job or an internship. Resume is a brief document which lists your education history, skills, experiences and other attributes. It shows how you are the perfect candidate for a particular job. If you never had a job before, being a part of a school club will show that you have a history of commitment, proficiency, and hard work.

For example if you want to do job or internship in local newspaper but don’t have any professional experience, than you can use your involvement with a journalism club or school magazine club to show that you are a good fit for that job.

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