Easy & Affordable Plant-Based Meals

If you and your family have been trying to eat healthy, then there couldn’t be a better and more important time than now. Eating healthy is beneficial in any year, but in the year 2020, when everyone is going through a global pandemic, it is almost necessary. Eating healthy will not only help us strengthen our immunity, but also help us keep mentally fit as we try to stay safe through social distancing and staying at home.

Furthermore, you can also use this opportunity to get closer to your family by cooking all these healthy meals together. And in case you need ideas for what you can cook, then don’t worry. We got you there as well. Here are some of the most affordable and easy, healthy meals that you can cook together with your family;

  1. Roasted Pumpkin Curry

If you thought that pumpkins can only be used to make pies and other desserts, then surprise. Yes, they can also be used to make one of the main course meals, especially curries.

The ingredients for this are very simple. A lot of them are almost always there in our pantry. Furthermore, making this won’t create too much mess in your kitchen as you can easily make it in just one pan. You can add as much coconut milk as you want, depending on how creamy you want it to be. You can also add your other favorite fruits and vegetables like Zucchini and peanuts.  Adding coconut milk will make it very creamy.

  • Ratatouille

Do you ever see delicious, mouth-watering food in movies and wonder what they taste like, or can you even make them at home? Well, there is one, very famous movie food that we know the recipe of. That food item was so important in the plot of the movie, that the movie was named after that particular dish. Yes, we are talking about Ratatouille.

From its fancy name and its French origin, people assume that it must be a very complicated meal to make. But the truth is the exact opposite. In reality, Ratatouille is so easy and affordable to make.

All you need to do is cut some of your favorite vegetables like tomato, onion, zucchini, and eggplant, in the round, place them in a dish, cover them with tomato sauce, and then bake them.

You can also add other sauces like vinegar, chili sauce, and soya sauce to add more flavor.

  • Pot Pie

When it comes to family cooking together, then you cannot find a better meal than this. Using smaller ramekins will mean that everyone gets to make their pot pie. Hence, all the family members can have their pot pies and make them according to their taste and likes. You can add extra salt or whatever seasoning you like, and nobody can stop you.

It’s also not a difficult recipe to make, as most of the work is to be done before. You can get the pie crust from the store, or even make your own to increase the family time together.

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