Do marketing positions pay well?

               Marketing is a constantly evolving industry. There are new technologies, new markets and new social trends to design marketing and advertising strategies around every year. This has created a wealth of opportunities within the field that are constantly arising for people from diverse skill backgrounds, from technology to art.

               You mentioned are a few marketing jobs that pay quite well:

  • Channel development executive:

               The pay range for this type of job is $49,000 to $114,000. Channel Development, in marketing, means finding and sustaining channels for a company to sell and market its products through. The general requirement for a person in channel development is that he should be a good communicator and personable because this job requires building relationships with a variety of businesses and channels.

  • Creative Director:

               The Pay range for this type of job is $85,000 to $201,000. Creative director ensure that a creative environment is in the advertising and marketing departments. He must be good at managing a variety of people from different career backgrounds including copywriters, sales teams, graphic designers and marketers. He creates a cohesive look for companies and campaigns, sets creative visions for a product or brand as well as hiring subcontractors, freelancers and full time employees to help execute the creative vision.

  • Chief marketing officer:

               The pay range this type of job is $94000 to $342,000. He is responsible for the whole of an organization’s marketing and advertisement activities. The main objective is to increase company’s sales through effective marketing and advertising. Their main duties include conducting marketing research, budget management, managing the in-house marketing team and subcontractors as well as managing the rollout of marketing and advertising campaigns.

  • Global marketing manager:

               The pay range for this type of job is $76,000 to $138,000. They are typically found in large corporations where a company has a wide geographic sales reach. A global marketing manager should be able to work with partners from diverse backgrounds, establishing and maintaining relationships and the ability to learn and understand new places and markets. This job often requires some travel.

  • Content marketing manager:

               The pay range for this type of job is $56000 to $115,000. The main responsibility of a content marketing manager is the managing the marketing content a company puts out, such as videos and blog posts. Content marketing manager should have superior skills in editing and writing as well as a knowledge of SEO. The often also work to shape the content marketing vision of a company. It is very beneficial for a content marketing manager to be a good communicator, as they usually must co-ordinate with subcontractors and freelancers, as well as work to communicate the company’s vision.

  • Digital marketing manager:

               The pay range for this type of job is $50,000 to $104,000. They are in charge of creating advertising and marketing that directs online traffic to companies websites, increases accompanies online brand recognition and increases a company’s online sales. Digital marketing manager should have an intimate knowledge of SEO, social media marketing and e-commerce, among other areas.

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