What Do I Need to Sell My House?

If you are looking at the house market right now and want to sell your house, you must have many questions. Any seller, especially of its their first time selling goes through doubts because there are hundred of thousands at stake. Here we will share what you should consider preparing when you are looking to sell your house.

Collect All Relevant Documents

The first thing any potential seller should do is collect all the documents that you will need to sell the house. These will include all the mortgage information regarding the house, the copy of the sale agreement when you purchased the property, copy of the title and the deed to the house, tax information, survey reports, and homeowner’s insurance information.

If you have leased the house, you will also need the copy of the lease agreement. It is also good if you have proof of the security deposit being given by the tenant. Also find all the warranty information regarding appliances present in the house.

Get A Home Inspection Before Listing

Though most buyers get a home inspection before buying a property, it is also useful for people before they sell their house. The inspection can cost you a few hundred dollars, but it is totally worth it. It will help you sell the house faster and boost the confidence of the buyer in the property.

A home inspection can include assessment of foundation, structure, basement, insulation, roof, ceilings, walls, plumbing, electric, cooling, and heating systems, among others.

Stage Your House

This is one of the most crucial steps of selling your house. It is important that you stage your house as such that it looks its best and highlights all the important features of the house. Try and give the house a thorough cleaning. Polish all the surfaces and apply a fresh coat of paint if you can.

If you can afford it, get all your rugs and carpets cleaned professionally and also try to de-clutter the house.

Once your home is in good working order, it’s time to set the stage and show off its best features. That starts with a deep cleaning. Here are some ways to make your house look great. You can also add more lighting to the house and organize your stuff in a way that the house looks presentable.

List Your Home

Before you list your house, you need to decide which route to take. If you want to hire a real estate agent, they will list the house for you. But if you want to sell the house yourself, you will have to list the house online with help of some specialized website.

When listing the house choose the website that is the right fit for you. Most of these websites charge a flat rate for the sale along with the cost of essential services they will provide. Some of these websites also provide you with yard signs as well.

Negotiate and Close

The last step in selling your house is to negotiate the terms of the agreement, once a buyer agrees to provide you with the money you demand. If you have any issue understanding the sale points yourself, have your real estate agent explain them to you. If you are doing the sale yourself, you can always at least find basic information on the internet, before you sign that dotted line. 

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