Common Mistakes You NEED To Avoid When Refinancing

               Homeowners can save a lot of money by refinancing their home loan even if mortgage interest rates are very low these days. But you have to keep in mind it is not as simple as finding a good interest rate and jumping on it, there is a lot more to it then you think.

Here are few of the common mistakes that homeowners frequently make while refinancing a home mortgage,

  • Understanding the reasons for refinancing:

               The reason for financing differ from person to person. Some people refinance simply to reduce their interest rate. You have to keep in mind that simply reducing your interest rate is not always going to be advantages for you. Make sure that again from your rate reduction more than cover the related fees. Other legitimate reasons to refinance that may not be related to interest rates are home improvements, debt consolidation, or another purchase. Some of the prices may offer other financial or personal advantages.

  • A low credit rating:

               Lenders usually avoid taking risks and they are not impressed with missed or late repayments or going over the limit on any lines of credit. You should obtain a copy of your credit report to see where you are making mistakes and how can you make improvements such as being down that for paying bills on time.

  • Thinking short term:

               While shopping for a new loan, many people only consider the one that will suit their needs right now and do not consider the coming years down the track. If you move home or take a career break to raise a family, the loan has to accommodate these life changes.

  • Considering and adjustable rate:

               Adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) can be very helpful in assisting people into the house market by minimising the monthly payments. But you have to keep in mind while considering ARM because it is made for very specific people with very specific needs. The specific individuals can typically anticipate certain variables Indian future finances that fail in line at precisely calculated times


  • Shopping by just interest rate around:

               You have to keep in mind that not always the lowest rates mean the best mortgage loan. For example, you can get a low rate on an adjustable mortgage that becomes a significantly higher rate later on. You will also find that the lender is charging extra fees that other lenders don’t charge. Moreover, you may be asked to pay discount points. You have to compare the overall package and not just the rate.

  • Not saving enough:

               If you get only a small reduction in your interest rate, say half a percentage point, recovering your closing costs will going to take a lot of time. This is known as break-even point, how long it is going to take your savings from refinancing to exceed what you paid refinance.

               Most experts say you need to knock at least three quarters or a full payment of your current rate to make refinancing worthwhile. Smaller rate deductions are justified by high-end homes rather than modestly priced ones because the savings are much greater. If you are planning to stay in the home for a long time then a small reduction can also be worthwhile.

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