What do you absolutely need to bring for your first audition?

The acting world is changing, but that doesn’t take away the responsibility of being prepared for whatever situations come up in an audition. One can never be too prepared, and you don’t want your unpreparedness to be what costs you a role! So here are some things that you ABSOLUTELY need before your first audition:

First, your headshot. While a traditional, printed headshot is not exactly the “modern” way of doing things— you never know if they are going to ask you for your headshot at an audition. How would it look if you don’t have one? Your headshot is the image of what people want to see walk into the room, and it’s the only image of you that they have to remember you when you walk out of the room. Always get your headshot, and definitely have one or two with you while you’re going from booking to booking.

Second, a highlighter and pencil. What exactly will occur in an audition is not predictable in the slightest. It  is always a good idea to have a highlighter or pencil for a last-minute cold read. With the pressure, and the time you’ve spent, and the fatigue from staying up all night learning the role and studying, the words tend to mix together. A brightly colored streak running through your cues and lines help keep your eyes and brain focused.

Third, water and snacks. The auditioning process is LONG. A snack while you wait is definitely not a bad idea. You have no idea how long you’ll be waiting. If you do, however, keep waiting and munching you will probably get thirsty. (If you give a mouse a cookie…) You don’t want to be waiting for your turn and suddenly feel thirst and have to spend a whole dollar or two on a water bottle.

Fourth, business cards. This is an ABSOLUTE must. In the acting world, you have no idea who you will meet. Always have these handy, networking in the acting community is an important element of survival. Get your network together, watch the fireworks fly, and kill those roles and bookings!

There are so many things you need to think about before you go to an audition. Those long wait times could mean you need to have your phone charger, some floss for when you eat the food, hand sanitizer when the actor next to you sneezes right on you… Always be prepared! Especially for your actual audition. And as prepared as you will be, always be ready for surprises!

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