Samsung’s Free TV App Comes to Galaxy Phones

Most of the content we consume has moved from conventional cable to web, to the extent where there is a range of common lifeline services that do not have a TV counterpart and, rather, rely exclusively on the web.

Cable TV also features parts that cater to a certain audience, and this also remains a legitimate justification for them to continue to make use of the service individually. Samsung looked at this issue and found solutions for its smart TVs in the type of Samsung TV Plus, a free TV service for users in Canada and the USA, providing over 100 free TV channels over the Internet. Now, a new report says that Samsung is looking to carry this service over to mobile devices, potentially as a Galaxy-exclusive.

As per SamMobile’s article, Samsung plans to introduce Samsung TV Plus to mobile devices through a mobile app. The mobile app for the service is under creation and aims to provide the same features as the service provided on Samsung’s Smart TVs. Sammobile is speculating that the TV Plus mobile app will remain exclusive to Samsung Galaxy smartphones, as the service is Samsung-exclusive and only works on the company’s TVs.

Samsung’s free, ad-supported streaming platform is heading to some tablets. The Samsung TV Plus smartphone app will be launched on Wednesday in the Galaxy Store and Google Play and will work with the Galaxy Note 20, Note 10, S20, and S10 series phones, the tech giant said on Tuesday. The subscription service was only available on certain Samsung TVs in the past.

Samsung TV Plus delivers free shows and movies on 135 channels, including Bloomberg TV+ UHD, Kitchen Nightmares, Baywatch, and PlayersTV. The ad-supported service is already incorporated with Samsung Smart TVs 2016-2020 and provides “hundreds of hours of binge-worthy programs and award-winning movies,” the company said. Samsung has been seeking to make inroads into streaming media for the better part of the last decade. It is aware of the organization’s efforts to differentiate its smartphones from all other Android phones on the market by offering exclusive apps and services. But Samsung had more flops than successes and only launched services to abolish them several months or years later. Samsung, for example, launched its Milk Music service only to shut it down two years later. Rather than just using its home-grown Tizen operating system in its high-end smartphones, Samsung has confined the platform to wearable devices and other devices and continues to focus on Google’s Android platform to power its smartphones and tablets.

Samsung faces a competitive field when it comes to streaming content. In the US, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have garnered the largest number of customers, while Apple, Quibi, and companies such as ViacomCBS (CNET’s parent company) have offered their services. Companies are now looking to cut a greater share of consumer spending. Samsung TV Plus provides free programming for people who own their computers. Samsung maintains many of the essential features of the $1,000 S20—a 120Hz 6.5-inch OLED monitor, the same processing power, 5 G, a large battery, water resistance, and camera features — with trade-offs including flat, rather than curved, low-resolution, and low-resolution cameras. The government imposes taxes on different companies in every country, so Samsung will have a different price range in different countries.

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