Homebuyer needs in a Pandemic

               The stay-at-home order, the lockdown, the way we do normal things in our life has definitely been changed during this pandemic including buying real estate can peoples requirements for a house. People have redesigned or reconfigured their home to Make it easy for them work at home because they’ve realized that they can work from home indefinitely. Many people have started looking for homes that offer of work environment.

               “It’s okay if you’re not super close to the Metropolitan area, because if you are going to be continuing to work from home – And that’s something you are able to do – The necessity of travel time is not much of an issue” Brandy petit said.

               These are a few of the common requirements of home buyers in pandemic

  1. A backyard:

               During this pandemic, there is a certain rise on properties with backyards. A low maintenance lifestyle is not quite a priority as it once was. As people are forced to stay at home, they now realized the enjoyment of having a yard, spending time outdoors, doing home projects, and gardening.

  • Suburbs over cities:

               In a survey, 5% of the customers said that they prefer suburban properties to urban during pandemic. This trend has played out to a degree in some hubs. Wealthy New Yorkers have relocated outside the city in response to COVID-19.

  • Single family home:

               Many people are travelling a single family home to the town house lifestyle or condo. The responsibility is more and home owners are obligated to take care of things that may not be required in a town house or condo such as siding’s, community landscaping and roofs. Many home owners are now preferring the privacy and safety of a single family home to the amenities of a home owners Association or condo Association that comes with swimming pools and club houses.

  • Home gyms:

               The National Association of home builders have noticed an urge of buyers towards home gyms during the pandemic. Although exercise facilities around the country are reopening but they aren’t expected to be as full as they were before. It was found that nearly 30% of the people surveyed wouldn’t feel comfortable going to the gym for more than half a year, A May morning consult study.

  • A Home Office:

               This is a no-brainer during pandemic. Buyers are looking for a place where they can separate the place where they enjoy with their family and where they work. Many parents have been using their living rooms, kid’s rooms or dining room table to conduct business and it is not feasible in the long run. A separate space to conduct business and maybe even custom garages, outbuildings, or detached home offices is the need of many buyers right now.

               Before COVID-19, buyers had to choose their home based on the proximity to their office but need of working at home in this pandemic has made the people realized that they can work from home. Buyers are now shifting towards sub urban living where people can get extra space and larger lots.

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