Smart Home Essentials

You may think that switching to smart and automated homes may cost you all your life savings but that is not the case. Modern smart devices can make your smart home dreams come true in a virtual breeze. Bigger corporations like Google, Amazon, Philips, and Vivint are making smart home devices accessible to the masses now. Smart home devices make your simple everyday tasks like turning your lights off at 10 PM every night and on at 6 AM every morning controllable from a snap of your finger or your voice.

Here are some of the smart home essentials that can work as your starter guide, if you are just stepping into the automated, smart homes world:

  1. Nest Smart Thermostat: 

This product hit the market in the year 2011 but it has gained popularity in the last 5 years. It has become so popular that it is considered a smart-home-essential item now. Since its first launch in 2011, Nest has launched over 3 versions of this product. The basic function of this product is to control and program your home heating and air conditioning system based on your liking. The 3rd generation of this product comes with additional features that help you cut down the expenditure and cost of energy. It also integrates with other devices like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa.

  • Philips Hue Smart Light Starter Kit:

This smart light system makes your home’s lighting system ‘fun’ which is not the pairing that you’d normally think about. We do not realize the amount of needless energy our light bulbs consume. Philips has developed these smart light bulbs to cut down excessive energy consumption and make lighting exciting. This starter kit comes with 3 LED bulbs which are energy efficient and a bridge that links these bulbs to your wireless network. These only consume 8.5 watts to 9 watts of energy and can be controlled from an app on your smartphone.

  • Vivint Home Security System:

Vivint Smart Home security range includes indoor and outdoor security cameras, video doorbell cameras, and automated locks. The security cameras provide HD video footage with night vision technology. This security system can be conveniently controlled from a hub installed in your home or from the Vivint Smart Home app on your smartphone device. This app sends alerts directly to your phone and you can monitor activities in your home from your smart device away from your home.

  • Vivint Smart Hub:

Vivint Smart Hub enables you to bring all your home security controls together on one touch-screen. The design layout makes navigating from one device to another device smooth and effortless. It also comes with a two-way talk with a one-touch callout feature which gives you a direct communication link to the monitoring teams at Vivint Smart Home security.

  • Sonos Play 3 Wi-Fi Speaker:

Nowadays, music is a portable and omnipresent feature of modern living. Sonos Play 3 is on the top wireless music players in the market. The app for controlling the speaker is intuitive and very well designed. It pairs itself easily with streaming apps like Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, Soundcloud, etc. It uses your wireless network so, multiple speakers can be paired at a time to create a full-on stereo mode.

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