Is it possible to have a good home security system at a low price?

Smart Home Security systems have become so popular that they are now considered an essential part of our lifestyle. People do not find their homes safe and secure until they have some smart security system installed. But these smart systems come with a price tag that does not align with everyone’s budget.

However, your limited budget should never come in the way of you having a good security system in your house. A safe and secure home is something that everyone deserves. With that said, here are some of the good home security systems that are available in affordable prices and do not compromise on their purpose i.e. providing you a safe and secure lifestyle

  • Ring Alarm

At a highly affordable price of just $10 a month, you not only get all the basic equipment you need but also professional monitoring. Furthermore, Adobe also works with all the other devices and products that use Z-Wave, a feature that other smart home security systems compromise on to keep their prices low. Ring Alarm also beats its competitors with how convenient and easy it is to use. With Ring, you don’t need a separate app for everything. You can use the Ring cameras and control the system as well from the same app.

The only drawback of the Ring Alarm is that it does not work with Google devices, and that can be a problem for users who rely on google based voice assistants.

  • SimpliSafe

Simplisafe is best for people who do not want to pay extra dollars for all those fancy features that they know they are never going to use. As the name suggests, SimpliSafe keeps its price range affordable by providing only, all the necessary equipment that you need to make your home safe.

Furthermore, the contracts offered by Simplisafe also include only basic services. You can still enjoy the additional benefits, but you would have to pay more. This does not mean that their contracts are of no use and you will not be getting emergency alerts. The text alerts are free and come with every package, but if you want professional monitoring as well then, those contracts start at the price of $14.99 a month.

  • Abode

Professional Monstering may not be a necessary benefit when it comes to home security and safety, but sometimes you may need them more than you think. This is for times when you are on vacation and cannot watch the system yourself. And though for someone who travels frequently, not having professional monitoring may be an issue, but for people who do not fall into that category, don’t feel like paying extra dollars for a service that they are rarely going to use.

This was before Adobe came up with their special packages that allow their users to have professional monitoring but temporarily. With Adobe you can have your home security system professional monitored at the rate of $8 for 3 days or $15 in case of a week.

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