100 ft fall near Sequoia National Forest waterfall

On the morning of 1st August,2020, a 39-year-old man fell from approximately 100 ft. The accident happened near the Nobe Young Falls, Sequoia National Forest, in the rural Tulare County. Fortunately, the sheriff’s and the deputies of the Tulare County were present to help the man. According to the spokeswoman for the sheriff; Liz Jones,

“The man is alive and is suffering from major injuries,”

The deputies reached the location at around 11 am and found the man alone. We still do not know whether he was alone when he fell as well. They immediately called for the California Highway Patrol helicopter and until they responded, the man was looked after by deputies. Search and Rescue technical rope team of the sheriff were also informed and asked to reach the area, in case they were unable to help the man reach a safe location with the helicopter.

However, the injured man was successfully airlifted with the help of the California Highway Patrol helicopter and was admitted to the local hospital immediately.

The Nobe Young Falls, around which this accident occurred, were once known as the secret treasure of the Sequoia National Forest. Hidden behind giant and thick Sequoia trees, these waterfalls were not easy to spot. Majority of the victors that would visit the Sequoia National Park would just casually pass these falls on their way to the trail of 100 giants. The absence of any sign posts or hints about their presence made it even more difficult to find them, even for visitors who already knew or had heard about them.

However, for better or for worst, the Nobe Young Falls have been getting quite the attention recently. With the help of travel blogs on the many type of social media platforms that exist today and the millions of people using them, the Nobe Young Falls have been getting a lot of visitors and are not a secret treasure anymore. So, if you are someone who was already familiar with these falls and loved to enjoy some alone time at them, you would need to visit them during the week or quite early in the morning now.

There is also no officially constructed trail built to reach the Nobe Young Fall. The hike to the falls starts from the Nobe Young Creek which is located between the famous trail of 100 giants and the Dome Rock.The path is very steep and you need to cross a lot of hard rocks. Even when you have reached the location, you still need to be extremely careful because the ground can get dangerously slippery when it is wet. Most importantly, make sure that you are not completely alone and have some friend or family member with you.

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