More than 2 million vehicles are being recalled by Ford

Ford has decided to recall more than 2 million vehicles over a bunch of issues involving door latches and brake cylinders. The interesting thing about this particular recall is that it includes numerous Ford models across the world and many model years are in the list of effectees.

  1. Door Latch Issue

The first issue involves more than 2 million vehicles on its own. And the issues which is causing this massive recall involves the closing latch of the rear doors. According to Ford, the defective rear latch cannot fasten the rear door properly and this may result in an event of a door opening even when the vehicle is on the move. Some of these latches have inherited a manufacturing fault while the Ford management thinks that the ones which had been replaced earlier may suffer from improper fix which makes them an equal threat for the motorists.

Door latch issues effects Lincoln MKZ & MKC, Ford Mustang, Escape, Fusion and CMax. This issue also involves some early models such as Ford Fiesta’s as early as year 2011 models.

For the owners of these models, Ford has issued instructions to check if their vehicle is among the affected vehicles. The first method is to look for the part code on the individual latches and then notify the respective ford dealer to assess the part number. Other method is to simply visit a ford dealer along with the vehicle to get the latch replaced anyway.

  • Brake Fluid Leak

The second issue involves more than 300,000 Ford 150 trucks which are based in United States and Canada. The models range from as late as 2014 to as early as 2017. Ford uses brake cylinders to boost brake pressure for its massive F-150 trucks. The trucks with this issue may suffer from a sudden failure of master brake cylinder causing the brake fluid to leak from the cylinder into the wheel mechanism. This sudden leak of brake fluid can make the brake pedal to become non-functioning thus making the F-150 an unstoppable truck.

Ford has clarified that trucks which are effected have an identical power plant i.e. 3.5L V6. Ford has issued a directive all their dealers to replace the master cylinder and if the need arises they can replace the brake booster as well.

Why vehicles are recalled?

United States has a set of codes known as Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard which is applicable on all motor vehicle manufacture or imported in United States. If a vehicle as a whole or an equipment fails to adhere to these standards then a recall becomes necessary. The nature of these recalls can be roughly classified into safety related issue recall and non-safety issue related recall and in the case of former, an urgent recall is mandatory as these defective vehicles pose a threat to the safety of the occupants. So, it is recommended to take your vehicle to the dealer as soon as you are notified about a recall as the replacement is free of cost and mandatory according to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

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