Home test drives

Test drives from home are a new selling tool, one that you may have started using sooner than you intended. promote test drive at home throughout your advertising. Merchandise all your virtual-buying capabilities everywhere you can — your dealership website, third-party listings, social media, email campaigns, paid search ad copy and display creative. Take a few steps to ensure that your shopper has narrowed in on the best possible vehicle. You don’t want to go to the expense and effort of disinfecting and delivering a wrong choiced vehicle.

  • Attach additional vehicle images, videos, and details by email, chat or text.
  • Be sure to ask and answer the questions you usually would during a first on-the-lot conversation. What’s the shopper looking for in a vehicle? What are his or her family’s needs? How will they use it on a day-to-day basis? What’s their budget? What do they want to know about the vehicle or the sales process?
  • Have an appointment for a live virtual walkaround using video chat. It’s an opportunity for the potential buyer to get a close look at the vehicle and ensure that it’s the right fit before you set up a test drive.

You are required to fill an agreement that the dealership is permitting me to test drive the vehicle subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • I have a valid driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle in the present area.  I posess an effective collision and liability insurance that meets or exceeds the minimum state requirements and applies to the vehicle during the time that it is in my possession or under my control.
  • I am not allowed to drive the vehicle more than ________ miles and must return the vehicle to the Dealership by ________ a.m./p.m., or earlier if demanded by the Dealership, in the condition I received it. I cannot remove the vehicle from certain area or use the vehicle negligently or contrary to law or terms provided.
  • I have personally inspected the vehicle and found it free from any visible damage and/or defects, except as otherwise noted in the comments below, hence I will pay for any loss or damage occuring to the vehicle while the vehicle is in my possession or control.
  • I must immediately report any damage, accident, theft or vandalism held that involves the vehicle to the police, or the Dealership else my insurance company, delivering Dealership all  the notices and related documents regarding any claim or proceeding concerned with my use, possession or control of the vehicle.

These basic terms and conditions are necessary part of any home test drive agreement. if you’re planning on having one do more research and get yourself prepared for all the terms in advance.

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