Higher education preserving racism and inequality?

Racism and inequality nowadays is the first thing that can happen in the environment. Though we are very far ahead from these types of discussions but still we see hints of racism and inequality everywhere. In every organisation, every workplace, every office and even the education system sometimes shows hints of racism and inequality. We, living in a word this modern and technological, should not have done need to discuss these types of things but we are forced to because of the system.

Inequality and racism, already present in the education system, has taken a hike while this Corona virus situation is happening. Limited fundings and harsh decisions upon what to find has increased the rate of racism in inequality cases in the society, let alone the education system. The fact that this rise came at a time when the nation is still living with systematic racism and inequality and the institutions which propagate it at a larger level.

At the same time, the type of colleges that you get low income and students of colour in particular like community colleges, regional public colleges and historically black colleges and universities, are often described of their legal and rightful fundings. Financial funding for these types of students is also very difficult to achieve as the government does not pay any heed to the financial condition of the students of the minority. they have a very little chance of getting a scholarship for financial aid with general packages. Which in return decreases their ability to provide for the students both financially and academically. With the economy going downhill due to the current crisis, the gap is very likely to mature.

Small subset of elite colleges take up most of the money and attention from higher education. Due to these resources, the students that attend these types of schools and universities are more likely to graduate with a background that has value in labour market. In addition to these benefits, it is very easy for these types of students studying in these types of universities for colleges to get financial aid. They end up getting very generous packages from the government but these students make a relatively small amount of student population at type of wealthy schools.

“It seems to be this tickling time bomb for the institutions that are least well-resource” send Mark Huelsman, associate director at policy and research at Demos, who luckily is reputed to be a left-leaning think tank. He further said ” The inequality between the haves and the have-nots is going to grow even more”

In many ways, our education system is responsible for the racism and inequality that has spread in our society and is eating it up from the inside. If you can educate our children from earlier education there is no such thing as racism or color discrimination or in equality, then by the time the students reach college for universities racism will not exist in their mind. But the government also has to play a role in this, the government should also eradicate any type of racism inequality that is present in the upper class.

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