The Best Way to Fight Cold & Flu

In winter we are all afraid of getting a cold or flu. All of us dislike the discomfort of getting cold and flu. High fever, running nose, coughing, sore throat, etc. are the symptoms of cold and flu and these are the conditions we hate.

Following are some easy home remedies which can help prevent and fight cold and flu;

–       Drinking a lot of water:

Drinking a lot of water maintains your level of body fluids and keeps you hydrated. Studies show that staying hydrated helps you in fighting and preventing cold and flu. Studies show that drinking a lot of water helps you in fighting and preventing flu and cold as the excess water in the body removes the viruses and bacteria with it and it also keeps you healthy.

–       Drinking hot fluids:

Drinking hot fluids helps you to fight flu and cold. Tea, Soups, Green tea, Herbal drinks, etc. helps you to fight cold and flu and they reduce the inflammation of the throat and also helps in reducing mucous. Using hot fluids soothes your trachea and reduces the discomfort of cold and flu.

–       Taking Steam:

Taking steam helps you to fight the flu and colds. It opens your nasal cavity and helps you in breathing which is very difficult when you are having a cold. All you need is a bowl of water and a towel. Or the other way is to get a steam shower. Just run-down hot water in your bathroom and when the bathroom is filled with steam just sit in the washroom for half an hour.

–       Soups:

Drinking chicken or beef soup helps you in fighting flu and cold. Soup reduces the mucous in our trachea and it also reduces the inflammation in our trachea. It also increases your energy level which you need to fight against the viruses and bacteria causing flu and cold.

–       Vitamin C:

Studies show that Vitamin C shortens the lifespan of flu and cold-causing bacteria and viruses. Try to take Vitamin C through direct sources. Instead of taking Vitamin c supplements try to eat citrus fruits which are a rich source of vitamin C and instead of drinking juices of these fruits try to eat their fruits.

–       Using honey:

Using honey is one of the best remedies to fight and prevent cold and flu. Add honey in your daily life as it has many benefits. As in colds and flu add a tablespoon of honey in your Green tea or a normal cup of hot water. It helps you to fight the flu and cold.

–       Ginger Tea:

Drinking ginger tea is one of another method to fight against flu and cold quickly. Using ginger in your daily routine gives you many benefits. Especially in cold and flu drinking, ginger tea boosts your immune system.

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