5 Ways to Prepare for the next Semester

Covid-19 has made the whole world paralyzed. Businesses are closed, tourism is closed, traveling is closed and the economy is on the fall. Education has also been effected, whether is may be college, university of school, everything is closed but the education system is still on thanks to the technological world that we live a where remote learning is very easy. But we have to keep in mind that this is not a permanent solution. Remote learning, though fulfills the purpose, but the essence of learning is face to face. This is why education system has to go back to the previous way that it was and schools, universities and colleges.

It may not be easy to reopen the education system as many students may have lost their family members and the school also may have lost some staff. The government knows about the current condition but we cannot put everything on their shoulder, we have a responsibility of our own to prevent the spread of this virus and still keep the education system in its feet. Here are a few ideas that the schools and policymakers can use to reopen.

  • Corona virus needs to be integrated to the curriculum:

Corona virus cannot be denied, so it is necessary to educate the students about this virus. The causes of its spread, its symptoms, how it can be treated and prevented. The basic science behind its growth, spread and danger. Why hygiene is very important in fighting this virus. Teachers should educate the students so that awareness can be spread and fighting this virus might become easy.

  • “Looping” of the elementary school teachers with the same group of students:

Sometimes, at the time of crisis, a familiar face is very helpful. This technique can be used to reduce the tension that will be created when the schools will be reopened and students will join the class after a huge break. Teachers prior to the lockdown should be appointed to the same students or class will that the students may feel at home or comfortable.

  • Extra tuition can be provided to the students who are the most behind:

The students who were affected directly by the virus will be behind in study because of other major problems happening around them. It must be financially or even a COVID-19 death related. These students must be provided extra attention or even tuition (remote or face to face) so that they can follow up with the rest of the class and one of their problem is eliminated.

  • School day or year must be extended:

         It is obvious that due to this COVID-19, students have been entertained with more than enough school off days. So after the reopening, school hours or school days needs to be increased. Saturday would be school day and school thing should be increased. This as a while will help in balancing out the school year.

  • Increase the number of adults volunteering to help students fight trauma and mental health:

It is obvious that the students are traumatized due to the virus. Some students might be effected directly by it via financially or through a death of someone close. The might need help becoming normal. That’s why help needs to be increased to fight mental health.

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