5 best places to get the wood for your next project

Whether you are building a deck or just buying a nightstand, your purchase can have an impact on forests and people thousands of miles away. Your money could support a sustainable community initiative on the rainforest’s edge or it could contribute to continued impoverishment of families in Latin America or deforestation in Southeast Asia. For buying best wood given below places are highly recommended.

Architectural Salvage Yards:

Salvage yards aren’t just a place for cars they have access to woods, as well! Plus, if you’re looking for all types of pieces for your next project, salvage yards are a great place to start digging.

Lumber Yards:

The easiest place to look for all kinds of woods, is at reclaimed lumber yards. A simple search on Google will lead you to some reclaimed lumber yards near your place. Woods at these yards are taken at barn that you can get at super-discounted price. Many lumberyards also carry furniture grade wood and hardwood in their inventory as well.

Sequoia Salvage and Restoration Project:

Most of the wood that they mill is from salvaged logs or reclaimed logs (about 90%). Occasionally though they do get wood from sustainably harvested sources. First hand traceability! Not brokered from others, but actually “from the source.” All of the old growth redwood saw logs that they have came from their own property or were traded for work done for others. Their salvaged old growth redwood is taken from logs that were left of the forest floor for over 100 years from the original loggers. These logs are called buckskins because when the bark and sapwood rot off of the log (only the heart wood is rot resistant) the remnants of tan colored sapwood looks the same color as a deer skin, tan colored.


This can be another platform for buying a quality wood for your work. Many people are trying to sell it, you can go online and try searching for “reclaimed wood” or “reclaimed timber” to find what you need at a lower cost. This option can be quite practical if you cannot find a lumberyard or do not have a local home center. You can specify exactly what you’re looking for such as boards of similar kind, free of sap etc. The suppliers are usually very compliant with the customer’s requests since they want further business from you.

Demolition Sites:

Anyone doing demo on their house, might be rebuilding or vanishing? Call them up and ask if you can grab that wood, most people would order dumpsters to get rid of the debris. But if you’re in the market for same kind of wood, this is an easy way to help your friend clear out that debris and get wood for free.

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