How To Navigate Car Market In These Times

The lockdown has forced many to remain in their homes. This restriction has severely affected the car resale market for buyers and sellers equally. Although it is recommended to stay at home and follow the directives issued by the local authorities, but there are some circumstances which may not be avoided and therefore it becomes necessary to buy or sell a car. In such situation, following are some tips to help you get the job done while being safe:

  1. Try to resolve the deal online

Online listing has always been an important step to selling a car successfully and for short-listing a car before actually buying it. Sellers can make sure that their advertisements are up to date and include all the important details of their vehicle. Seller should view their online listing from a buyer’s perspective and list all the good bits as well as the flaws of their car which will allow the buyer to make an informed decision. During pandemic, being proactive about an online listing will pay off better than if such a listing was posted in normal circumstances. An additional thing can be a virtual tour of the car on a video call so that both the buyer and seller can become familiar with the vehicle they are going to make a deal about. This interactive session can get a buyer up to speed regarding the car and at the same time the seller can address frequently asked questions about his vehicle so that there is as less confusion as possible when the actual deal happens.

  • How to arrange a test drive

A test drive is usually the finally piece in a solid deal and that is usually the point when a buyer makes a decision of whether he is going to buy that particular vehicle or not. Seller can avoid unnecessary contact and still manage to arrange a test drive by shooting a virtual test drive and then uploading it on a drive so that a link can be shared with a potential buyer instantaneously.

On the other hand, a third party validation company can be asked to inspect the car on behalf of the buyer or seller and then share their report with both the parties. Usually people tend to trust the reports from these companies more than their own judgment.

But if all this does not work, then a test drive in person can be arranged by adopting all the social distancing protocols and minimizing contact with surfaces as much as you can. For instance you should roll the windows down and both parties should wear a face mask and gloves during the test drive. The vehicle should be thoroughly disinfected before and after the test drive.

  • Payment options

Online payment platforms are the most convenient mode of payment for such deals but the chances of fraudulent deals and scams are greater in those settings. It is suggested to arrange a meeting at a mutually decided bank and then get the cashier’s check made in front of both parties so that there isn’t any ambiguity about the authenticity of the deal.

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