Different Types of Real Estate Agents Explained

Whenever you buy or sell property it is important that you choose the best real estate agent that you can find. But if you are a novice when it comes to real estate you might not understand that there are many types of real estate agents out there. Usually all real estate agents guide and help you through the process of buying and selling the property but there are some significant differences in their job descriptions according to their title.

Here are different types of real estate agents that you will encounter when buying or selling a property:


This type of an agents is usually licensed by the National Association of Realtors and is bound by a strict code of ethics. A realtor usually owns a brokerage company and works buy bringing together buyer and sellers. Realtor also employs other agents as well. A realtor can also market a property and manage it as rental. 


This type of agent is professionally licensed to market a property and sell or buy it on behalf of a realtor. A real estate agent can help any buyer or seller by organizing property showings, negotiating on their behalf, providing them with all the relevant information and property pictures, and even handling the legal process of transferring property from one person to another.


This type of agent is usually not employed by any brokerage firm and is a one man show. This licensed real estate agent also helps market any property and also handles the buying and selling of the said property. If you hire a broker, you are likely to get services like listing and showcasing of properties, negotiation of price on your behalf, and advice on how to handle different issue that may arise during the process of a sale.

Seller’s Agent

This type of an agent is an expert in selling a profit and takes a commission when you sell your property successfully. Such agents list the properties for sale in different ways and through different databases which helps them find other agents and potential buyers. These agents also help you come up with the appropriate price for your property. They can then showcase your property, hold an open house, market your property and negotiate for the best price. A seller’s agent will also help you with all the legal matters regarding the selling of your commercial or residential property as well.

Buyer’s Agent

This type of agent as the name suggests is best at buying appropriate properties for you. These agents only work with buyers and find them the property that they are looking for. They will listen to your needs, ask for your price range and find you a property that fits that description. A buyer’s agent has always their eye on new properties and they can help you view and inspect these properties as well.  Such an agent is also an expert on mortgages types and rates. They can help you find appropriate financing options and help you close the deal and handle all the appropriate legal matters and documents.

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