Workouts for the Elderly

No matter what age group you belong to, staying fit and healthy by making exercise a regular part of our life is extremely important. If anything, the elderly people of our society need it more to maintain their balance and stay active. The problem here is that the elderly can not take part in intense workouts. Those are more suitable for the younger people. If anything, they are going to be of more damage than benefit to the elderly. And hence the question arises, how do the elderly keep themselves active and healthy through exercise and workout. Well, fortunately, there are some workouts specifically for the elderly that are not that intense, require minimum equipment, and get the job done as well.

With that said, here some of those workouts that you can recommend to the elderly people of your society or your family;

  • Chair Squats

Chair squats help you strengthen your muscles and the elderly need strong muscles more than anyone else. If our muscles are strong, only then we will be able to perform all our daily activities properly. Otherwise, either you might not be able to perform all of them or feel too tired by the end of the day. You also might not feel healthy enough to do things that you love and enjoy tomorrow.

As we age, our muscle mass also starts to decrease. In fact, according to some certified physicians one can lose 3% to 8% of their muscle mass after every 10 years.

  • Single Foot Stand

This exercise is for balance and we all know how much our elderly need that. Balance is one of the things that you start losing as you age. Loss of balance in your body can result in unexpected and dangerous falls, which can further lead to fractures. According to the reports of CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number one cause of fatal as well non-fatal injuries among people who are over 65 years of age is falls.

The exercise is really simple. You just have to find a chair, or any other unmovable object in your house, hold onto it’s back for support, lift your left foot and place it on top of your right foot for at least a minute. After a minute, repeat the same with your right foot. Keep doing this until you no longer need the chair for support and can balance yourself on just one foot.

  • The Head Turn

Probably one of the easiest exercises and one that you can practice while sitting as well. All you need to do is keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed, turn your head towards the right until you start feeling a slight stretch. Stay in that position for a little while and then repeat the same with the left side.

This simple exercise improves your flexibility, the loss of which can make small tasks such as pulling your socks extremely difficult for you.

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