What is a camera car?

A camera car is a vehicle fitted with a camera and an automatic number plate recognition technology that can quickly issue vehicles tickets (Penalty Charge Notice) for parking in contravention to a restriction. The camera car can check vehicle registrations against a permitted vehicle list, for example, residents with a valid permit. It is also used to provide assistance in other highways activities. Both the car/vehicle and camera must be approved for this purpose by the Secretary of State for Transport, and the Council with necessary approvals.

Government has stated that it should only be used where “enforcement is difficult or sensitive and CEO enforcement is not practical”. They’ll use it mainly on “school keep clear” zig-zag markings outside schools and in mandatory bus stop clearways, but it may also be used in areas covered by a loading ban.

These are being used as a tool to provide a better service to residents living in our resident parking zones. It enables us to monitor more streets in the same period of time. The car is also used to enforce bus stop clearway restrictions. These restrictions are in place to allow buses to pull up to the edge of the kerb at bus stops to allow passengers to board and alight in safety. This is particularly important for members of the community who may use a wheelchair and supports the obligation to provide an accessible public transport system.

In many public areas cameras are positioned to detect and capture evidence of parking contraventions and are not used to invade the privacy of any persons in domestic, business or other private premises, buildings or land. Their penalty charges goes off by :

  • A Penalty Charge Notice won’t be placed on the vehicle or handed to the driver or person in charge of the vehicle.
  • You will receive the fine by post no later than 28 days after the parking contravention occurred.
  • You receive it because you are the registered keeper of the vehicle. You might not be the driver at the specified time but as keeper you are liable for the charge.

It has been announced that the council cannot use the enforcement vehicle to enforce other parking restrictions such as single and double yellow lines.

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