Schools Preparing to Go Back in Session

Much of the world remains in some type of lockdown. But as in many countries, lockdown is being eased out, that means schools can be considered to be reopened. The question in everybody’s mind is that what would a classroom look like during this pandemic? We can have this answer as China and Denmark reopen their countries.

Students across the country have experienced educational loss due to lockdown due to this pandemic. Though a remote learning system for the students was implemented but it cannot fulfill the needs of an in-person learning experience. This is why it is very crucial that there education system liked universities, schools and colleges must be reopened once the lockdown starts listing restrictions. The basic rules must be followed as to stop or decrease the spread of the virus. Some of the precautions are mentioned below,

  • Use of face masks
  • Indoor and outdoor social distancing
  • Tests and screening of students before rejoining the schools
  • Proper disinfection systems

The school administration needs to know that a lot of time has been wasted of the students and education loss is very high. So even before re-opening, they need to come up with a way to increase the study hours and set curricula and instructional practices accordingly without thinking that the lost education time will be caught up normally.

The mental health of the students is also very important, if the effectiveness of the curricula is not upto the threshold level, then anxiety and mental illness among students will definitely increase as they will have one more thing to worry about. Some the students were directly affected by this virus, financially or a CIVID-19 death related. They must be given attention as the schools can either divert their attention and help them recover from the mental loss or make it worse.

Not only the classrooms need attention but also the environment outside the classroom needs to be Corona free. Like playgrounds, cafeterias and library. For millions of American children, school provided nutritious meal is a huge part of their day to day meal. In the situation of CIVID-19, including the extended stay-at-home and significant financial impact on the families and communities, schools meals play even a more important role. Some nontraditional ways of providing the meal needs to be  set prior to re-opening.

Some school districts should prepare themselves to follow public guidelines regarding exclusion amd separation of sick children and staff identifed as a potential Corona patient at the time of arrival or throughout the school day. Physical distance is a weapon we can use to fight against this virus and still keep the economy, education and health going.

It is obvious that everyone understands that now we have to live with the virus, so why wait fire the education system which is a crucial part of a student. If small business can be opened them schools sold also be reopened. It may be noted that the guidelines can be more efficiently followed at school and a find result will be given at the end of the year regarding education and prevention of the spread if this virus.

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