Is Distance Learning Working?

During this time of global crisis, a lot of us have switched to distant forms of learning and online schooling. The main question is whether this form of learning affects our performance abilities or not because we are so used to the traditional forms of learning. It can be difficult to know for sure whether this form of learning is effective or not because there are a number of factors involved that play a part in the overall performance of an individual. 

One of the major factors is the fact that there are different types of learners and not everyone is a distant learner. Online schooling is not everybody’s cup of tea. Some learners benefit from physical activities and such people can suffer from a distance form of learning. They might not be able to perform through distance learning like they would have performed through the physical form of learning. They might feel demotivated in this situation. Not everyone can reach their full potential via this medium of learning. This reminds us to quote the famous saying according to which you cannot determine the true capabilities of a fish by its ability to fly. That would be a stupid and reckless thing to do.

Distance learning is proved to be effective if you are dedicated to investing your time and soul into the course you are taking. People who are generally lazy or have other time commitments like a job, a family, or other courses might not be able to dedicate their full time and efforts in the course they are taking and this can affect the grades. It is foolish to think that just because a course is available online, it will require less time and work. If not, it requires more dedication because a classroom and study environment is not available and you have to hold yourself accountable from time to time.

Other than this, not everyone understands the tips and tricks of online schooling. People who are not technology pros or are computer illiterate might face some issues when it comes to online schooling. Some institutes offer training sessions before the actual course so, students can get comfortable with the web and course layout beforehand. Similar training sessions are also provided to the teachers and staff because it is a new medium of education for them as much as it is for the students. These training sessions are really helpful but sadly, not all institutes offer these sessions. Some simplistic computer awareness courses are also available online and you can take one of these courses for your ease so that you can focus on the actual course you are taking instead of wasting your time trying to figure out the technical stuff.

Furthermore, various support channels are now available for distance learners to make the whole process convenient for them. These channels allow the learners to think about all the opportunities that this distance medium of learning brings. These channels also educate about different aspects of distance learning that you should be taking into consideration before signing up for an online course.

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