5 Ways to Calm Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of nervousness and fear usually seen as an overreaction to a situation that is only subjectively seen as threatening.It is often due to restlessness, fatigue and problems in concentration. Anxiety is very much  related to fear, which is a response to a real immediate threat and as anxiety involves the expectation of future threat. An anxiety condition isn’t caused by a single factor but a mixture of things. As number of other factors also play a important role, including personality factors, difficult life experiences and physical health.So the five ways to calming anxiety are:

As by  focusing your mind on your breathing and movements, practicing yoga keeps your attention positive, helping to clear your mind and lead it to relaxation. When you are concerned, you become nervous and breathe faster, often leading to further anxiety. But by practicing  breathing workouts, you can calm your mind and quiet negative thoughts from yourself.

The temperature and air flow in any room can increase your anxiety or aggression. If you’re feeling nervous and the space you are in is hot and dry, this could trigger a panic in body.Remove yourself from that environment as soon as possible and go outside for few minutes.The fresh air will not only help you to calm down, but also the change can sometimes interrupt your anxious or angry thought process.

A well balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and healthy fats remains a good blessing for those who struggle with anxiety.As by sidestepping processed foods and foods that are high in sugar means the body experiences less highs and lows of blood sugar, which helps further to reduce the feelings of anxiety and panic.

Focusing on a nearby object can aid a person to stop a anxiety attack. A person who experiences anxiety attacks frequently may want to carry something for this problem. Concentrating on one thing can reduce other incentives or thoughts.When a person focuses at the thing, they may want to think about how it feels, who made it and some similar kind of thoughts. This can aid them to lower the signs of a panic attack.

A person with anxiety should be at somewhere they would feel the most comfortable. Every aspect of the surrounding should be pleasing for them. When a panic attack starts, it can provide help to close the eyes and think of being in such a place. Imagine how pleasing it is there and think bare feet touching the soil, sand, or soft rugs or something like this. As when you think about a relaxing and calm surrounding so it can help a person to become calm and it will help to reduce the anxiety.

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