Study tips for Online Learning

Due to COVID-19 all the schools, colleges, and universities, in short, all kind of educational institutions are close and God knows when everything is going to be normal again. To deal with this situation and also to continue our studies so that we are not left behind when it comes to all the educational activities, we have to take classes online.

Online learning is far more different than the traditional way of face-to-face learning. Going to the school or college and being physically present in the class is not possible now due to COVID-19. We have no other option but to change ourselves and devise ways that will not only keep us safe but also help us to continue our work and adapt to them. And online learning is just one of these ways.

At first, you find it hard to adapt yourself to this method of learning but unfortunately, you have no other option Just because it is online learning is not your favorite method of learning, does not mean that it has to be the worst one as well. There are always ways that you can use to make this experience less miserable for you. Here are some of those ways that will help you in online learning;

– Being Attentive in The Class:

Being attentive in the online class is very important to learn something from it. Treat your online class as a real class. I know that you are physically not in a classroom and you may be sitting in some corner of your house but make your mind think that you are sitting in an actual classroom. Train your mind to think like that. Sit down and focus.

– Your Surroundings:

Believe it or not but your surroundings matter a lot. Make a corner that will force you to focus on your lecture and you are in the mood to learn. That corner might be a place in your home like your room or kitchen table or it might be someplace in the library where you feel comfortable. Organize your study stuff in that particular corner like your books, notebooks, and files etc.

– Make a schedule and stick to it:

Make a schedule at the start of your online semester and follow it. Also, try to make a schedule on a weekly and monthly basis. If you don’t do this you will always be falling behind the due date or in other cases, there will be a lot of work to do just a day or night before the submission. Mark the dates on the calendar on which you have to submit your assignment and check the calendar daily so you get reminded of them. Spare some time out of your daily routine to work on your assignments. If you are a morning person then make sure that you work on your assignment in the morning. If you are a night owl then spare an hour or two at night to work on it. In this way stick to your schedule and you will not be falling behind your studies.

– Make Yourself Accountable:

Set weekly and monthly goals and make yourself accountable. Check daily that whether you have done your task today or not. At the end of the week check that whether you have accomplished your weekly goal or not. Keep that in mind that you are paying for that online class and it is your responsibility to make that money and time worth it.

– Elimination of Distractions:

  Last but not the least elimination of distractions around you while you are in your online class can help you to stay focused on your lectures. You cannot stay focused if your mobile phone is ringing beside you or the notifications are popping up on it. Try to keep the phone away while you are taking an online class.

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