How to set up a toy drive!

Holidays are the time when family and friends come together and spend some quality time with one other. People give gifts to one another and especially to children. For children holidays are the best as they spend time with their parents and siblings and receive gifts from parents and relatives. They make long wish lists for the things and toys they want. But holidays are not the same for all the children, some children may spend their holidays without any gifts and toys and any enjoyment. Some low-income families cannot afford gifts and toys for their children. For those children toy drives are set up, to provide them with little happiness in the form of toys during holidays. 

Toy Drives are set up to collect donations for the children whose parents cannot afford to provide them with toys. People donate toys to such children and bring them happiness especially in holidays. If you are looking forward to setting up a toy drive in these holidays here are some suggestions for you. 

  • Setting up easily accessible drop place: 

For your toy drive to get maximum toy donations you have to set up a proper drop place for your donations. Otherwise, people will end up being confused about where to drop their donations. Try to organize more than one drop place for your toy drive in different areas it will be easy for the people living near that drop place to drop their donations for the needy children. Keep in mind that the place you select as the drop place for your toy drive should be easily accessible.  

  • Publicizing your toy drive: 

For your toy drive to collect maximum donations for the needy children you have to spread a word about your toy drive. Tell your family and friends about your toy drive. People at your workplace will also want to be a part of this charity. Social media is also one of the best ways to publicize your toy drive. By using social media for this purpose, you can get maximum donations for your toy drive as not only the people you know but also the people you don’t know will become a part of this charity through social media. 

  • Declaring a specific time for collecting donation and distributing donations: 

To get maximum donations for needy children you should declare a specific period of one week or two for collecting toys. After that specific time, you should prepare the toys to be given away to the children in the holidays. 

  • Involving health and social workers: 

Health and social workers working in a community know best that who in that community is in need. By making health our social worker a part of your toy drive you can give toys to the children who need them. In this way, you can work best. Involving a charity worker in your toy drive also helps you in the collection of toys for the children. They also help you to distribute them to the people who need them. 

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