7 ways to level up your focus:

Staying focused either in study, work or life zone is always an important thing to achieve your set goals, to study or work well find a place that fits your studying needs, and try to make it your regular study or work space. Once you’re there, your mind knows that it’s time to start your work or start  studying. If you choose to work where you normally sleep, eat, or socialize, you will be tempted to do those activities. An ideal location should be free of distractions (friends, televisions, or cell phones). It should have good lighting and a comfortable chair but not too comfortable to sleep. Working while in bed, although tempting, often leads to naps and should be avoided. For staying focused you need to analyse things as: Setting goals, Staying focused on goals, Keeping strong priorities ,Maintaining a positive attitude, Staying motivated for academic work, Solving and preventing problems, Preventing distractions caused by other people, Overcoming a tendency to put things off, Using a to-do list to ensure all tasks are done and Finding enough time to do everything, whereas the list goes on. But the 7 most important ways which will level up your focus are stated below:

1.Setting your goals high:

One way to focus is to think about all your goals and priorities and to learn ways to manage your time, your studies, and your social life to best reach your goals.

2.Choosing group of people wisely:

We all are gathered around with negative and positive people. If we’ve just failed a test, we might enjoy being with someone else who also blames the instructor or “the system” for whatever goes wrong as  they say, misery loves company. Their presence will encourage you to stay more positive.

3.Overcome Fears:

One of the most common fears of college students is a fear of failure or of not being able to make the grade. Life is not a bed of roses and that we’re not going to succeed at everything we try. Everyone experiences some sort of failure at some time and everyone has fears to face but overcoming them will help you grow and stay focused on your main goal.

4.Reward yourself:

Some people, looking ahead to life and their aims, may lead to daydreaming that keeps them from focusing rather than physically start working.If your mind keeps drifting off you to stay on agenda, then you may need to reward or even trick yourself to focus on the here and now. Take an example from your student life, you can’t stop thinking about the snack you’re going to have when you finish studying in a couple hours, change the plan.

5.Compete with your friends/successful people:

Imitate successful people around you. Do you find your friend better able to stick with studying or work until they get it done? Ask these questions to stay on agenda.

6.Praise your success:

Remember your successes, even small successes so when you approach studying for a test, think about your past success on a different project or test and remember how good it feels to succeed. Know you can succeed again.

7.Get the important things done first:

Start managing your academic planner and to-do list.

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