How do you find your target market?

Finding and specifying your target market is highly important no matter what your business is. Your target market is one of the factors that determine the direction of your business. Based on your target audience, you will specify what goals you want to achieve with your business as well as the purpose that you want to fulfill. It will also help you understand your customers. You will be able to know what their wants and needs is and whether they are satisfied or not. All these variables will further determine your road to success. Without a distinct target market, you are just like a boat in an ocean who has no idea where it wants to go. You will be wasting your time, effort, as well as your resources.

With all that said, we are also well aware that finding a target market is no easy task. It requires a lot of research and analyses. But it is not something that is impossible and we are here to provide you all kind of help and guidance that you need. Hence, here are some of the ways that you can use to find your target market;

  • Analyze the Current Customers of Your Business

Chances are that you already have a target market, you just don’t know it yet. This is why it is highly recommended to start from your current customers. Find out as much as you can about people who are currently benefitting from your business. Compare them and analyze their similarities and differences. Divide them in groups and ask yourself, which of these groups is bringing the most value to your business. Are there other people like them that you could target. These are the things that will give you information about your target market.  

  •   Find out about Your competitors

Often times it happens, that there is a certain segment of the market that your competitors are ignoring. You can use this to your advantage and select them as your target audience. This way not only is you fulfilling a need that was previously being ignored, but you are also creating an edge against your competitors. There are many small businesses that have been able to compete with large corporations, using this approach.

  • Learn about your product/service

You can not improve your product/service, if you are not clear about who it is that you are selling to. Similarly, you cannot specify you target market, if you do not know what it is that you are selling. These things go both ways. To do this, take a good luck a t your product/service and make a list all the features that it has. Figure out the benefits that people are getting from each of these features. Research about other people who can use these benefits.

You can also bring changes in your product/service based on the people benefiting from it. Ask yourself what it is that you can improve about your product and service that will increase the benefits that your customers are getting from it.

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