Healthiest hobbies to pick up at this time

When you’re at home with no obligations it’s easy to stop keeping a regular schedule, or throw off your sleep and eating times. Do your best to keep your day as similar to usual as possible. If you normally wake up at 8 a.m. to go to work, set your alarm for 8 a.m. It’s important for your immune system to sleep consistently and  Eat enough and as healthily as you can. Schedule time that you can spend doing high engagement activities, and set up ways to work them into your daily life. Know which forms of socialization work for you: if you hate phones, don’t call people. You may have to be creative and try things that aren’t immediately comfortable. Try to vary how you communicate: don’t just use video chat or only text. Use all the resources at your disposal.

Know that having a hobby that we enjoy brings us joy and enriches our lives. It gives us something exciting and busy during our leisure time and builds multiple opportunities to learn new skills. We people are extremely lucky to have so many different options out there in today’s era. So incorporate yourself in healthy activities during this high time. Try to cultivate a new hobby by involving yourself in something new. We live in a world full of wonderful, exciting activities that we can explore and adopt as our own. If you’re not into the idea of picking up a hobby just to occupy your downtime, try to think of something that makes you forget about the stresses and worries of your day. It should be something that helps you unwind and slip back into balance.

List of things to be adopted as healthy hobbies might include:

  • Exercising and Meditating. You can do easy workouts at home from online tutorials. There are around thousands of free meditation apps as well as youtube videos help you relax and ease out stress.
  • Read a good book. Take some time to re-organize.
  • Watch something new. Watch something funny. Watch your favorite film or show. Do Netflix and chill at a scheduled time.
  • Learn a new skill. May it be cooking, knitting, sewing, dancing, blogging or any other thing. Give new things a try, explore yourself.
  • Start writing a journal. We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused our thoughts to be all over the place. For this reason, spend more time in journaling, it might be an attempt to keep you self centered and keep your mental health under check.  
  • Make art. Art is therapeutic to many souls, it might ease your nerves and make you much more creative. Involve yourself in paints, papers and crafts.

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