Android vs Apple

The race of Android and Apple will probably never end. It has been going for well over a decade ever since the first Apple came into the market. The smartphone war has been brewing for a while. Both the platforms have massive following that always supports their platform through thick and thin.

But enough of the war of the platforms, time to get to business and know which one is the better platform.

  • Notifications:

Android: The great thing about android is that it lets you put your specific notifications as “priority”, by making them go to the list’s top. You can simply clear the notifications of android by just swiping once.

Apple: While apple on the other hand lets you respond in the notification without you ever needing to open the app, but lacks in swiping all feature and minimizing important messages.

WINNER: Android.

  • Camera:

Android: The main thing about android cameras is that they come in all shapes and sizes, they have different camera capabilities as well, therefore, not all android cameras are amazing, some are budget cameras that won’t give a clear cut image you want, but the expensive android phones will definitely give an amazing quality of image.

Apple: Apple doesn’t have budget phones; they avoid making budget phones and make premium phones with amazing cameras.

WINNER: Android.

  • Unlocking phone:

Android: Android has an unlocking feature called face recognition, which is ultimately very unsecure and can be used to unlock anyone’s phone. Androids also have fingerprint sensor unlocking feature as well.

Apple: Apple on the other hand has the same features as well, although Apple’s face recognition is a lot better than Android’s but both of them more or less do the same thing. Apple also has a secure Touch ID option, which makes it highly secure. Some people are afraid the government can snoop in to their phones but Apple makes sure that doesn’t happen at all in their devices.

WINNER: Apple.

  • Music player:

Android: Android has a music player called Google Play Music, you don’t need to buy songs on it because they are ad-supported. So, anyone can enjoy any latest new music without ever having to buy it.

Apple: Users can listen to music on Apple’s iTunes. iTunes requires money to listen to music unlike Android. Therefore, like many things on Apple, iTunes isn’t free.

WINNER: Android.

  • Maps:

Android: Getting directions is very important for travelling these days. Google Maps works the best on Android as it has always been working the best there.

Apple: Apple has integrated Google Maps as well; it still needs a lot of work for the details and the maps to be updated on it but it does the job.

WINNER: Android.

  • Talking to the phone:

Android: Android’s voice assistant comes in many languages, it has good conversation skills as well, will help you use the phone efficiently without ever having to touch the phone at all. Although, whatever you speak, the phone will write it down and then talk to you, which can be a bit slow but it does the job.

Apple: Unlike android’s robotic voice assistants, Siri feels like an actual person you are having a conversation with, it does the same job as an android’s voice assistant such as Google Voice Assistant but it just feels more real.

WINNER: Apple.

Android won 4/6 times while Apple won 2/6 times, which showcases that android is better and offers more features.

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