5 Ways to Avoid Foggy Glasses

If you wear glasses, you have probably experienced “foggy” glasses at least once in your life irrelevant to whether you live in a cold climate or not. You have walked in from cold outdoors or stepped out from your air-conditioned car in the scorching summer heat just to find your glasses no longer transparent. This could also happen while performing simple daily life tasks like sipping a cup of hot beverage or boiling water in a pot.

We face this phenomenon in our regular life but, we never ask ourselves the question that why do our glasses get foggy or what is the solution to this problem. Well, as far as the process of fogging is concerned the answer lies in simple basic science. The temperature difference in the surrounding environment, humidity, or even your eyelashes rubbing with the glass can cause fogging of the glasses. As much as this phenomenon is frustrating, it can potentially be a life hazard during driving or for people whose jobs require dealing with heavy machinery or having a clear vision. 

Here are 5 ways you can avoid this problem:

  • Optifog Lenses: 

On the recommendation of your ophthalmologist, you can get anti-fog glasses with Optifog lenses. These have an anti-fog coating on the lens. These only require an anti-fog activator solution. You have to apply this solution once weekly or as your ophthalmologist suggests. 

  • Anti-fog Wipes:

It is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to prevent your glasses from fogging. These anti-fog wipes can come in handy and can clean up your glasses too. So, this can be a 2 in 1 deal.

  • Shaving Cream & Soap:

This is one of the DIY solutions to prevent your glasses from fogging. All you have to do is wet your glasses, rub some soap or shaving cream on your glasses, rinse your glasses under warm water and then dry with a lens cloth. But, remember that you can end up scratching your lens this way and nobody wants to ruin a nice pair of glasses.

  • Adjustment of Your Eye-wear:

It is seen that the more closer your eye-wear is to your face, the more easily it will get foggy. This happens because air needs to circulate freely between your face and glasses to prevent condensation that causes fogging of the glasses. You can either buy a new pair of glasses that sit a bit far from your face or you can adjust your existing pair of glasses in such a way that they sit at a comfortable distance away from your face without risking them to fall off. This simple trick can make your life easier. 

  • Water Repellent Spray:

This is the final trick in our sleeve. You can use some kind of rain repellent spray to make a water repellent layer on your eye-wear lenses. This is a simple way to keep your eye-wear protected. But, the issue with this technique is that the effect of rain repellent spray lasts for only a few hours. You have to re-apply the spray multiple times in a day which can get frustrating.

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