The Benefits of Having an Electric Car

In case you are thinking about switching to an electric car but still not sure about what benefits they come with, then allow us to help you in that. Here are some of the benefits of an electric car that might convince you to buy one.

  • Less Running Costs

One of the biggest advantage and probably the major reason why people switch to electric cars is that they have 3 times less running costs when compared your regular diesel or petrol car.

  • Cheaper Maintenance

Not only is their running costs lower than non-electric cars, but their maintenance is also less costly. This is because their moving parts are less and they require little to no servicing. Electric cars also don’t require exhaust systems, fuel injection systems, or radiators. These are one of the most expensive parts of the car and if damaged, can make the car useless.  

The only replacement or upgrade required with electric cars is their batteries, and since majority of manufacturers of electric cars have 8 year warranty for batteries, that cost is also ignored.

  • Environmental Benefits

Environmental benefits are some of the most obvious benefits of electric vehicles and the basis on which they are promoted. As someone who is choosing an electric car over a petrol/diesel car, you are benefitting the environment in following ways;

  • No contribution to the air pollution as electric cars have no exhaust emissions
  • Using renewable sources to charge your electric cars will further reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from your side. Some of the systems that use renewable energy to charge electric cars are Solar PV system and the Green Power that can be purchased from your nearest electricity retailer.
  • Not only electric cars operate on systems that are environmental friendly, their manufacturers are also conscious of that it come to their production as well as materials used in them. For example, for the Ford Focus, the company has used recycled materials to build it and has used bio based material for the padding.
  • Electric cars are quieter than other cars, therefore decreased noise pollution.

These environmental benefits result in better and healthy environment for you to live in and hence, not only yours but the health of those around you is also improved.

  • Other Benefits

You can charge your electric car even when you are not driving them. You can easily put your car for charging and go to bed, and wouldn’t have to worry about not having fuel in the morning. Similarly, with more and more people switching to electric cars, offices are installing charging stations in their parking lots. This means that you can also charge your car while you are working on your job.

Electric car holders are also exempt from either paying any kind of road taxes or are offered a discount.

Furthermore, some areas have banned the entrance of diesel/petrol cars to do their part in creating a healthy and better environment. Owners of these cars are either not allowed to bring their cars in these areas or they have to pay some charges. As an owner of electric car you do not have to go through all that.

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