How to change your emotions

Some life events cause people to feel, these are named as emotional reactions whereas some happenings in life cause people to think, these are sometimes called logical or intellectual reactions. Hence we can conclusively say that life is divided between things that make you feel and things that make you think. A question arises if someone is feeling, does that mean that they are thinking less? Well it probably does, as you have less capacity for thought if part of your brain is being occupied by feeling but this does not mean that emotional people are not intelligent. It just means that their emotions might make them dumber during the times. Emotion goes of and on for everyone, sometimes people cry, and sometimes they are completely serious.

Emotion rather than sitting fully formed in the unconscious exists in an undifferentiated form consisting of sensori-motor schemes that are preideational and pre-verbal whereas implicit emotion, or bodily felt sensations are concerned it can be turned into conscious experiences of specific emotions by putting the felt sensations into words.

We can say that emotions must be thoughts that you can’t identify, when you feel something, it must be that you are thinking about something unconsciously. once you figure out what is causing the emotion, it is no longer an emotion, but it is a thought now that is when you now call the emotion a thought where the thought is probably generating emotion. Now after having a thought process you need to ask few questions like How did you feel emotionally as a result of what you were thinking? What did you do as a result of your thoughts? After it you need to dispute your original thoughts by asking yourself such questions as:

  • What would my friend suggest in this situation?
  • Is this thought helpful? What is a more helpful thought?
  • Is there an alternate way of looking at this situation?
  • What is the worst/best/most likely outcome? At the worst scenario what would have I done to cope it? Would I live through it?
  • What evid ence do I have that what I’m thinking is really true? What is the evidence against it? OR Is there any other reason this situation could be happening (i.e., alternative explanations)?
  • Is there anything I can do about this right now? If yes, take appropriate action. If no, accept and move on.

By changing your thoughts often leads to more positive emotions and here you need to think more wisely about how you feel after disputing the beliefs.

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