Power of a medicine ball

As we age, muscle strength declines and we can lose up to one-half of our strength and muscle mass between the ages of 25 and 80 years if we do not do something to prevent the loss. Strength training  increases bone density; reduce the risk for chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and arthritis; improve one’s ability to sleep; and reduce the effects of depression.

Medicine balls are used as an effective strength training tool for your muscle building. This includes your abdominal muscles and your lower back. Many exercises involve full body movements which allows you to combine cardio ­vascular and strength training in the same workout. These exercises can involve twisting, turning and bending motions that may not get incorporated into traditional strength training exercises.

Medicine balls has numerous benefits naming a few as

  1. They can improve your flexibility and increase your range of motion.
  2. They are an easy way to add resistance training to your abdominal workouts.
  3. They are a creative way to change up your strength training routine.
  4. They can be used for sport-specific strength training exercises.
  5. They can help to improve your coordination.
  6. They are suitable for people of all ages, fitness levels and abilities.
  7. They can be done alone or with a partner
  8. Medicine balls come in various styles and sizes.

Medicine ball between 7 and 12 pounds is used to complete three sets of eight to twelve repetitions of the same exercise. Lower weights between 4 to 10 pounds, can be used for tossing exercises. Weights between 8 to 15 pounds, can be used for abdominal exercises. Much heavier weights are used for lower body exercises. They are generally round but also available in other shapes, such as footballs, for sports-specific training and with built-in handles for improving your grip.

It is recommended to choose a medicine ball that is appropriate in weight not too light and not too heavy. A medicine ball should be of an appropriate size and shape for the exercise being performed. you must complete one to three sets of eight to twelve repetitions for each exercise.  you should wear closed-toe athletic shoes. If you choose a partner to exercise with, make sure you have plenty of room and you and your partner are similar in height and fitness level.

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