7 Benefits of Home Health Care

When parent’s kids grow up, their children often live thousands of miles away from each other. Some live in different cities, states, or even countries. To provide care for a parent that lives quite a distance away is difficult to do, considering many of these adult children will have families and jobs of their own. It is in these situations that home health care can help.

Home health care is safe, affordable, and a solution that exists specifically to support the family.

  1. Home health care professionals can be there when you aren’t able to be

If there is some distance between family, caregiving has some commute involved. Qualified health professionals could be at the house taking care of the person you would have to drive hours for, leaving you with a peace of mind. They know what to look for to keep the house safe and healthy for your loved one. They are trained to assess safety risks and make corrections to the home— changing around furniture or making recommendations for ambulatory assistance.

  1. Home care supports activities of daily living

Assistance with activities of daily living can include bathing, grooming, and medication reminders. Their goals here are to preserve adults’ dignity, health, and quality of life.

  1. Access to skilled nursing care at home

Having an in-house nurse allows the medical care delivered at home to be supervised  by certified and licensed nurses that are fully knowledgeable of medical procedures, techniques, and equipment. Nurses are also able to keep track of multiple prescriptions that can be confusing to manage and prevent harmful drug interactions. The providing of a medical professional of this standard allows for any of your loved one’s specific medical needs, however complex they may be, to be taken care of.

  1. Support with diet and nutrition

Adults over the age 65, people with chronic conditions, or those who were recently discharged from a hospital are likely to be nutritionally at-risk. Making sure that they get the nutrition they need is vital for their condition to improve or stay stable. Doing that is one of the things medical professionals always keep an eye out for is to make sure that your loved one is not malnourished.

  1. One-on-one

Research has shown that adults age healthier with social interaction. Home health professionals can also be with your loved one for all sorts of social activities as a friend. They can also help out with errands, chores, and give accompaniment at medical appointments.

  1. Home health care clients have comparable health outcomes

Research HAS shown that clinical results are better with fewer complications when home care is provided to individuals with chronic conditions such as pneumonia, diabetes, or COPD.

  1. An Affordable alternative to facility or hospital care

The average cost of care from a skilled nursing facility is $544 per day. The average cost of home health care per visit is $132.

Home health care provides, not only health support for the individual, but support for the whole family. If you or one of your loved ones requires health care services and you are looking for an affordable option that keeps them at home— then this is for you. There are plenty of organizations, like River Valley Home Health & Hospice, who are here to help.

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