5 Tells You Found a Good Lawyer

Find the best lawyer that you can find is not always the easiest thing. All certified lawyers have made it through law school and have the education they need, but will they have the ability to win your case? Will they put your best interests at heart? There are some qualities that you have to look for. Here are 5 tells that you have found the right lawyer.

Not a lot of cases are easy ones. It is important for the lawyer you choose to not make promises when it comes to the outcome of your case, you don’t want an overconfident lawyer no matter how much experience they have. A good lawyer will be looking at it realistically. They will understand the many outcomes of the situation and that no legal proceedings come with any form of guarantees and should provide you with multiple options on how to take on your case.

The greatest lawyers always have their ears open. There is nothing in the legal world that has a “usual” approach. They should know what your specific goals are and take in the unique case that you bring to the table. That does not mean you’re looking for a lawyer that will respond quickly, but they actually are considerate of your time. They are taking their time to understand your case, and responding in a timely manner with your best options.

What is also important is your lawyer should not empathize with you. A good service provider in this yield is going to stay objective and focus on finding the truth at all costs. Your lawyer should pursue a professional relationship based on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

One of the big things to look for is their honesty about fees from the get-go. It isn’t always the best sign when they start with talking money, but when they offer you a range this could give you a good idea on their honesty and also gives you an opportunity to measure if they’re worth how much they charge. They will often give you a range because an exact price is impossible to predict.

One of the big things is that you should enjoy working with your lawyer. The lawyer you choose should be treating you and other parties with respect. If a weird feeling comes with a lawyer you have consulted with, trust your gut. Your lawyer should be transparent, open, knowledgeable, and we could give you a thousand more qualities to look for— but at the end of the day, trust your gut. 

You should be able to tell what lawyer is right for you. Every lawyer is going to have the knowledge they gained from their time in school, but their knowledge is often magnified by their previous cases. If you get the chance, ask about their previous experience. That may give you insight on their specific skill set. Every lawyer is different, and so is every case. Keep your eyes out for the qualities listed above, and find the one for you.

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