What is a Tree Consultant?

Every tree you see in your neighborhood, park, and community has likely been checked by a tree consultant. To be a certified arborist, one must take an entry-level, 200 question multiple choice exam about arboricultural topics. Professionals in the tree industry, like landscape architects, contractors, gardeners, and foresters will almost always become a certified arborist. However, they are not qualified to be a consultant at this point.

A “Consulting Arborist” is not one with any certain credentials. They are called upon to solve complex tree problems. They have a higher know-how, and will likely be a certified arborist as well. Tree consultants are experts on tree and care management, particularly pertaining to landscaping and amenities, are experienced on managing trees to benefit the public and magnify the enjoyment of trees, look to optimize the health of trees and ensure the safety of the property they reside in.

They are often involved in the planning stage of any landscaping project including trees. They are vital to include before a final design and can asses tree health and hazard potential, also taking care to make sure that the addition or removal of trees aligns properly with local laws and ordinances. Working a landscaping project includes a lot of different fears and fields, arboriculture being one of them.

When visiting the site of the tree, tree consultants will bring about important information and guide the decisions on what to do with trees on certain projects by looking at multiple different factors such as:

Dead, infested or hazardous trees

Consultants will know what trees that are worth protecting, or required to, making the project go through without any bumps in the road and maximize the profit of the landscaping project.

Tree roots

Rather than removing a tree, some cases require that a tree be preserved. To preserve a tree, there is an extent to how much the trees branches and roots can be tampered with to keep it healthy and align with the design. A consultant can make design securities so that the tree is preserved alongside the project— be it a sidewalk, house, or park.

Quick Action

As construction is going on, there is a lot of the tree that is underground. Roots can be found in places one did not expect and on-the-spot changes to designs may need to occur. The death of a tree can happen in mere moments, especially with the heavy duty tools often used in landscaping. A consultant can be the one that saves a project.

There are benefits to including a tree consultant throughout the process. Experts on tree science and management will bring an asset onto the project. They are assets that preserve the quality of the gentle giants that stand tall and are deeply rooted throughout our neighborhoods, parks, and forests.

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