Orange County Beaches CLOSED: PROTESTS

There were more than 500 protesters that came together at Huntington Beach again to fight back against California’s stay-at-home rules and demand their removal. The governor ordered Orange County beaches closed yesterday, even though they had been open weeks after LA County decided to close down their coastline. After thousands had nonchalantly spent their time at the county’s beaches last weekend, he decided the risk was too high and closed down the beaches. However, many have displayed their contempt toward this policy, saying that the 2,500 deaths is not enough to justify the decision.

The governor said that he heard the cries of the protestors and he understood them, but continued to urge them to heed to the stay-at-home order. If they were followed, the easing of the rules could happen in a few days. The “only thing that is assured to advance the spread of the virus is thousands of people congregating together, not practicing social distancing or physical distancing.”

The Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes made it known that his department was not planning on making any arrests at the beaches in his jurisdiction and he mentioned that even if there were that many people at the beach, they have acted responsibly and have no reason to fear criminal charges. People are social distancing and so there will be no criminalizing of the people that are enjoying the beach.

While this goes on, some leaders are pushing back. Officials voted to block the governor’s directive and protestors are saying that now is the time for the stay-at-home rules to be eased up so that the economy can get back into gear. However, medical experts and state officials are cautious to reopening things too early. A huge majority of Americans are supportive of the stay-at-home orders, according to an Associated Press poll.

COVID-19 has brought about its own sort of chaos upon the people of California. The stay-at-home orders have been an effective action to flatten the curve. However, the curve is not completely flattened yet. Orange County has had 2,393 confirmed cases with 45 deaths to date. There has been an ever fluctuating amount of cases. Just as the numbers go down, the numbers go back up again. Policy makers are doing what they can so the mistake of ending to early does not happen again, and the amount of deaths stops increasing— and it is increasing. They are doing what they can to make sure the virus is no longer a threat, and the only way to put a stop to it is in unity. Orange County beaches are closed, but protest has already begun and the governor’s stay at home policy is being threatened by the officials of the people who are protesting. Their voices are being heard, whether they make major changes to the governor’s choices in the future will be seen in the near future. This is America. We are in this together.

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