MUST TRY: 10 Second Eye Exercise to Calm Down

From movies, TV shows, and in life itself— you have likely heard that the eyes are the window to your soul. Not many realize how true that is. Not only is it an indicator of a person’s emotional state, but it can be used as a tool to control your emotions. How many films have you seen with the line that sounded ever so dramatic, “I saw it in his eyes”. Maybe the villain has a change of heart and the protagonist chooses to trust them because they “saw it in their eyes”. It may sound off, but it is true. Looking into a person’s soul could be as easy as looking them right in their eyes.

People’s eyes have habits. When afraid, they open wide to receive information as fast as possible. These reflexes, habits, and instincts have all been built in and drilled into our visual organs and have been bonded to an emotion. This is something to try. Open your eyes real wide and think about something that infuriates you. Think of something that could make you throw your computer or phone right now. It’s not making you mad is it? You open your eyes up big and wide when you’re scared, because your eyes want to gather more information to use for your survival— at least that’s what Darwin said. That doesn’t match with anger. Why would you be searching for more information when you’re angry? You don’t want to see more, you just want to… Hulk Smash. When you’re angry, think about the facial expression you have. There is likely one you can match with it, and it is probably the shift or stillness of your eyes. If you take an expression from another emotion, perhaps fear or happiness, your brain is confused.

Let’s try messing with your brain again. Try narrowing your eyes as much as possible, throwing away all information gathering and push towards that one intent thing in your vision. Now try to wonder about the world around that object. Can you? Maybe it’s these words, they are quite interesting if I do say so myself. Or perhaps it’s the screen, they do have a way of capturing eyes today after all. Or perhaps it’s the expression. That expression is going to cause everything to seem kind of blurry and your brain is confused again. Are you sure you want to be observant and gather information while your eyes are narrowed?

Eyes and emotions are linked, but this is a way for you to hack the system. Here is a simple, step-by-step illustration of how to hack your emotions with your eyes.

  1. Realize what emotion you’re feeling. EX. “I am feeling angry.”
  2. Notice how narrow or wide your eyes are.
  3. Open your eyes really wide to get your curiosity going for ten seconds and notice what happens to the anger. Does it get stronger or weaker?

Practice this and you practice control over your emotions. Practice this and let the control your emotions once had over you slip away. 

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