Car Industry Takes on Coronavirus

While the car industry takes on Coronavirus and the difficulties of conducting business during the chaotic times that have ensued due to the rise of COVID-19, they are also taking on the pandemic in a way that is completely outside of their scope of business. Around the world, car companies are stepping up. Ford has shifted their production to air-purifying respirators, gowns, and test collection kits, General Motors is manufacturing ventilators and face masks, Fiat is working on ventilator production in Italy, and Toyota is providing designs and expertise to companies hoping to start producing vital supplies.

There are smaller assistance projects that have been put together in different car companies. They have taken it upon themselves to provide personal protective equipment and breathing assistance equipment. Many other makers are establishing more direct programs. In England, Aston Martin is offering free emergency repairs to health service workers that are working tirelessly to be the superheroes the world needs. Mazda is giving free oil changes and enhanced cleaning to every health care worker as well.

Honda and Acura vehicles are also offering $500 credit to eligible first responders and health care professionals financed or leased through their financial services arm. Hyundai is offering credit to first responders as well. Volvo is contributing to life saving initiatives. One of their programs is to take around 2,000 cars it usually will use for sales and marketing and give them to health care groups.

Sheehy Auto Stores gives 50% off maintenance and repairs for health care workers. Deferred payments and extensions for leases and warranties are being given as they are also looking out for their general customers that have been impacted by the virus, some who are included in the over 30 million that are unemployed. Many retailers are able to provide customers with payment-relief programs provided by automakers. Nissan has been able to help out 220,000 customers that needed a financial break.

One of the things that is being offered widely is free pickup and delivery for repairs and regular maintenance. They will come pick up your car and take care of it for you, keeping you safe at home and allowing the service department to operate. Receiving a loaner car in this situation is also an option.

Car companies are taking the initiative on coronavirus. They are furthering their business in some cases, in some cases not, but overall they are being economically efficient in contributing to society and its needs. The value of the services they are providing health care professionals are huge, and the expertise they provide to take care of your cars while you are at home is also vital to make sure you get back on the road nice and smooth once this trying season passes. Whether this contributes to you specifically or not, the car industry deserves a round of applause for their contributions and effort to take down this monster of a virus.

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