Vintage Going Electric?

The rising interest of electric powered classical cars have brought about a specialty business that focuses entirely on turning classics into silent, eco-friendly, tire torque masterpieces. This market was born in the 1970 oil crisis and brought about a huge spike in gas prices and gas pumps had lines stretching around the block. However, the end of the crisis brought about the end of the buzz of electric cars

However, that buzz sparked again in 1990 when California forced manufacturers to offer zero-emission vehicles if they wanted to sell gas-powered cars too. Today, electric motor technology is above and beyond. You have to be living in a bubble if you haven’t heard of Elon Musk’s groundbreaking Tesla cars— which have spearheaded electric cars technology.

Eventually, multiple car companies brought about the idea to convert vintage-cars into electric vehicles to jack up their quality. Jaguar brought about their model of an all electric E-Type, Volkswagen filled a classic beetle with a full electric system. Needless to say, there is a demand for electric cars on the market. Whether buying for the environment, or for that tire-flaming torque, there are buyers.

The idea of turning those classic, vintage cars into electric vehicles is absolutely tantalizing. It is an expensive job. Companies like Zelectric or E-Type are taking those cars and making them full electric for quite a sum. Prices are incredibly high because all of these installations take unique parts that would be much cheaper if bought in bulk. That brings the idea, perhaps a large business could provide conversions at a cost that does not limit their customers to the wealthy or whatever-it-takes collectors.

The micro-niche does have a problem. Controllers, batteries, all the installments are receiving improvements that have a huge change on the product before the whole project can be finished. Conversion shops can’t keep up because versions two, three, and four are coming out before they can finish installing version one.

It will be an interesting market. The electric vehicle community is keeping open communication to work together on this and hope to bring about the conversion market further in the future. The idea is definitely one that can evolve in the coming times, seeing the effect of the use of gas-fueled cars on society as everyone is forced to keep their cars in their garage. The huge decrease of smog in the air, and the understanding of the health issues that dirty air brings. The need for speed. The continuous advancements to make electric vehicles more efficient and affordable is going to create a constant growth in the demand for them. To attach all of the optimizations to vehicles that the buyers have been dreaming of since their younger years… How could that not be a great market?

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