How to Maintain Healthy vision?

Eyes cannot be taken for granted in any case. They are the most important organ and one of the basic 5 human senses depend upon the health of your eyes. It is the bane of this century that we that huge compromises on our health in our race of keeping up with daily challenges. Some simple steps if practiced consistently can save you from various kinds of eye conditions.

Maintaining a healthy Diet;

The food on your place, the quality and quantity of it is the basic determinant of a good health. Basic nutrients should make a good proportion of your diet. If the essential nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and vitamins C and E are taken adequately over years that the risk of developing age-related eye conditions is warded off. Cataracts, general loss of focus, constant eye- strain can never take root in the eyes of the person who keeps his plate filled with the following;

  • Keeping a sufficient amount of greens in the plate, spinach, kale collards help great deal.
  • All the non-meaty protein sources are great for keeping a good vision.
  • Sea food has a therapeutic standing for a healthy vision.
  • Citrus foods have essential vitamins that help in maintaining a healthy vision.

As the components of your diet directly impact the vision, it can be indirectly maintained by a healthy weight. People who compromise on their diet routine, develop conditions like type 2 diabetes which accounts for a compromised vision in adults. 

Using Sunglasses and protective eye wear;

Shades are important, not just for looking hot shot during a bright day but they also save your from Ultra violet rays. People who inordinately remain exposed to the rays have an increased chance of developing cataracts. Now all shades do not perform well, one needs to have a pair that ensures blockage of 99% to 100% UV rays.

People who are exposed to hazardous material for their job need to wear protective goggles during the activity. Moreover, sports such as lacrosse, ice hockey require for eye protection. Helmets face masks should be a constant for people who ride bikes.

Practicing Computer screen caution;

Long and sustained use of gadgets is greatly associated with a bad mental and visionary health. Eye strain, dryness of eyes, frequent headaches, back and shoulder pain are the by products of our reliance on computers, phones and tablets. As gadgets are not going anywhere but certain practices can reduce the deleterious effects of computers;

Taking minute eye rests during long hours of exposure towards the LED Screens. Introducing a seconds break after every half an hour and taking a 15 minutes break after 2 hours can be a healthy mode of studying or working.

Visiting doctor after time to time, keeping the follow up of the prescription, and making sure that the prescription is up to date are some of the precautionary measures.

Using Antiglare glasses as a precaution.

Dimming the brightness for long reads especially during the night.

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