The Biggest Toy Drives in Chino

 For children holidays are the best part of the year as on holidays they can spend a good time with their family and relatives and the most important and joyful part of the holidays for children is receiving and unwrapping gifts. Toys are one of the best parts of a child’s life. Toys help in the development of children. They make their best childhood memories. Studies show that toys are a part of a child’s developmental process. Creative toys like dolls, bicycles, Lego, books, etc. Play an important part in a child’s development. They increase their creativity and help in skill development.

But not all the children go through the same childhood. Low-income families struggle for living. They work day and night to earn enough money to fulfill the necessities of life. These families don’t have toys on their priority lift. Children in these families spend their childhood without any toys and enjoyment. The toy drive is a way to collect toys for these children so they can also have a moment of happiness. The happiness and excitement of unwrapping a gift at the holiday. 

If you live in Chino, California and you also want to a part of this charity following are some biggest Toy Drives of Chino;

  • Isaiah Rock Ministry of Chino;

Isaiah Rock Ministry of Chino is one of the biggest toy drives in Chino which collects and distributes thousands of toys to the needy children on Christmas. Every 25th December a large building at Fairplex at Pomona will be filled with beautiful toys donated to the children who need them. If you want to be a part of this Nobel cause grab a toy this Christmas and donate it.

  • Chino Neighbourhood House; 

Chino Neighbourhood House is also one of the greatest charity Organizations in Chino. It was founded in 1945 by Chino school Nurses. They donated food and other necessities of life to the needy people. It is also one of the biggest toy drives in Chino. Chino Neighbourhood House helps children and their families Living near Chino Unified School District Boundaries. In 1999 Chino Neighbourhood House moved to its current location on 6th street. If you want to make a child’s holiday happy all you need is to buy a toy and drop it to the drop place of Chino Neighbourhood House.

  • Chino Hills Police Toy Drive;

Chino Hills Police Toy Drive is also one of the biggest toy dives in Chino. In holidays many residents stop by and drop countless toys in the drop box at Chino Hills Police Station. At holidays the Police station’s community room is decorated with garlands and holiday stuff with lots of gifts wrapped for the needy children. Hot chocolate topped with marshmallows is provided to the people. If you want to be the reason for a child’s smile this holiday all you have to do is to donate a toy. What on earth can be more joyful and satisfying than seeing a beautiful smile on a child’s face? 

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2 thoughts on “The Biggest Toy Drives in Chino

  1. Hi my name is Laura Camacho mom of 4
    Boy age 14 boy age 12 boy age 9 girl age 2
    We are going through hard ship right now I can really used some help please me and family are looking to hear from you please I really need help i would love to register my kids thank you.


    1. Hello Laura, I am sorry to hear about your hardship. Please reach out to the organization directly to register with them as a toy recipient and I am sure they would be happy to help you. We are a publishing company that has no authority to get you registered. I really hope this helps😊


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