Reasons to Get Rid of Tree Stumps

As much benefits are there of trees from eternal beauty to clean air, there are many problems that needs to be tackled regarding it but there are many types of tree services that can be used. Most homeowners have tackled the tree removal issue, which isn’t always over when you have removed a dead tree. Even when you have successfully removed a tree, the stump persists and cutting that stump is a wildly different operation–sometimes extremely complex and more costly than the tree’s actual cut. Thus, most of the citizens choose to fully forget about the cutting of the tree stumps and just leave them be.

Leaving a stump after a tree is cut can lead to many problems such as it can leave you with safety and liability issues, unwanted growth of the tree and infestation of insects. If these are not the three important reasons to clear the yard’s tree stumps, I don’t know what are. Another problem with tree stumps is that they create an unsightly yard look. Well, nobody would want that. Removing a tree does not prevent the stump from generating new growth and expanding its territory. The new growth will also allow the roots to expand, which can ruin the yard, pavement or sewer lines. It will also drain nutrients from the field causing suffering for the grass or other plant life around it.

Grass is the most vulnerable to the problem caused by continued growth. Though living plants may also be susceptible to disease and infestation, the tree stumps are particularly vulnerable. When a tree stump is harboring bacteria, the disease is likely to spread to live trees. A stump left in place can begin to break down and eventually completely break down, but, the process is extremely sluggish and messy. Ant species can fly in and start building nests inside of your fallen tree stumps.

These ants can then start appearing around your home and everywhere else, which can lead to a serious problem with pest. Termites love tree stumps too, as do other wood-fed insects. There are other plant species that are often able to hold onto tree stumps. Other trees may begin to grow from the remains of the old tree, and they are not pretty at all. They are small and not appealing to eyes.

In many instances, the invasive plants developing on your tree stump need the removal by chemicals entirely. When you have stumps on your land you will risk pushing down your property values. They’re not really attractive to look at either, after all, and potential buyers may be suspicious of a house that has unsightly stumps dotting out the yard. Hiring a trained lumberjack or logger ensures safe removal of tree stumps, which will enhance your property’s security and ensure your protection against liability issues.

You’ll even boost the property’s look, and you can appreciate your yard without thinking about tree stump issues. The advantages of extracting stumps from tree greatly outweigh the cost.

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